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We discuss how you can perform competitor analysis for your SaaS growth with insights from content marketing experts and SaaS founders.

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Updated: 05/20/2022

How to perform competition analysis for your SaaS SEO

Adam Volk shares how to write a piece of content that ranks well on @Google? You've found the perfect SEO keyword and are ready to go. One crucial step that's often overlooked, however, is reverse engineering competitor content to find out why it's ranking so well. Here's what to look for:

1. Check Out the SERP

See who's ranking in each position for your target keyword (I use @semrush's "SERP Analysis" for this). Look at the top URL and be sure to check out both Domain & Page Authority to see if you could realistically outrank them.
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2. Read the top article

Be sure to look at:
  • Length (1,000+ words generally tend to do better)
  • Date (how fresh is the content?)
  • Author (who are they and is there a bio page)?
  • Images, video or infographics
  • Structure (lists, bullets etc.)
  • Quality (is it well written?)
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3. Look for Keyword Usage

It is the keyword you want to target used in the following:
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • H1
  • URL
  • Alt-Tags
  • Body copy
I use the SEO META IN 1 CLICK Chrome Extension for a quick snapshot of these elements:
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4. Look for Schema Markup

Does the top performing article have any schema associated with it that might give it an edge in rankings? You can find out by dropping the page's URL into the following validator tool:
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(I use @semrush's Backlink Analytics).
Look at:
  • Referring Domains
  • Total backlinks
  • Lower ranking articles (if the URL in Position 1 has fewer backlinks than other pages, it may be ranking so well because of the quality of content rather than links)
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After completing your analysis, write an article that is:
  • As long (or longer) than the URL in Position 1
  • Uses your target keyword effectively
  • Provides added value than what's currently ranking (i.e. newer/better info, additional resources etc.)

6. Use Schema to outrank your competitors

Jonas Sickler says take advantage of using schema, it is ultimately a great way to earn dropdowns in the SERPs. He used Yoast’s FAQ schema blocks in definition blocks and appeared in the SERP.
Here's what it looks like behind the curtain, on the live site, and in the SERPs.
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notion image
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