Hire Me to Build a Marketing Channel for your SaaS
Hire Me to Build a Marketing Channel for your SaaS

Hire Me to Build a Marketing Channel for your SaaS

Want your Tech/SaaS product to passively give you sales notifications everyday?

Let me strategize, setup, and build your marketing channels for you

So you’ve got a great tech product and your design looks slick. But nobody buys enough. Most people just take trials and leave. You know what? Your marketing is probably single-channeled, confusing, and without a plan. Just like this sentence (who even uses the word 'single-channeled' in this industry?). Anyway, things can be very simple. I can help.

I charge you based on what you need. That’s cheaper than spending 2 years with only 2-3 sales notifications in a month.


I will give you your customized actionable marketing channel-strategy that you can deploy and take action to find your Product Market Fit for your own SaaS
Your input: Fill a form and we connect for a quick 30-60 minutes
You get: 3-month actionable document highlighting marketing channels and weekly activities delivered within a week
Ideal for: Bootstrappers, Indie Founders, early-stage startups


I will give you your customized marketing channel-strategy and a tracker to effectively manage your resources to take marketing action for your SaaS
Your input: Fill a form and we connect for a quick 30-60 minutes
You get: 3-month actionable marketing channels document and a weekly activity-tracker delivered to you within a week
Ideal for: Early-stage startups managing a team for marketing activities


I will give you your customized marketing channel-strategy, a tracker, and a vetted marketing expert to take marketing action for your SaaS
Your input: Fill a form and we connect for a quick 30-60 minutes
You get: 6-month marketing channels document with a weekly activity-tracker, and find a vetted marketer for the service
Ideal for: Early-Mid stage startups managing a team for marketing activities

I’ll transform your marketing activities from complex to clear. And from confusing to clarifying.

People don’t buy products. They buy the reasons behind your products.
Give me a week, and I’ll rewire your marketing so your future fans (leads) don't just buy your product, they evangelize it. I’ll also reorder the priority of channels and activities to be performed in each channel for your SaaS marketing, add new channels and activities, and slash activities that don’t need to be there.
But wait- this is marketing. It’s not as straight forward as a code with an error or a success. I understand that! If you aren't thrilled with the results, I'll give it another shot. And then, if you still aren’t happy, I’ll give you your money back, put on a sad song, and walk away quietly into the night.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Who the hell is this guy? And why should I hire him when a ChatGPT prompt can give this to me for free?

I’m Ricky, a SaaS Marketer. I write channel strategy blogs on my media company - SaasWrites and publish a weekly newsletter with 5 actionable marketing tactics in channel strategies for tech and SaaS products. I run a B2B SaaS so I know the pain of building and the joy of a sales notification!
I’m addicted to finding marketing tactics and channel strategies for Tech products and SaaS products. I love building plans and trackers. Fortunately, ChatGPT isn't very good at marketing your SaaS…..yet. Trust me – this tool is not supposed to be a strategic thinker or tinkerer. 
The AI produced results are interesting, but consistently generic. So I decided to whip just the cream and pour it out on you. Quite literally. If you’ve got a SaaS product that really needs some customer attention, I’d love to bring that for you.

Here's the plan. It involves having FUN (and sales notifications).

Step 1
Fill a form that helps me know everything about your SaaS, your current marketing activities, resources, and marketing goals. We might get on a call too!
Step 2
Charge your phone and wait for a week days to get ready for sales notifications while I pour burning oil on my midnight lamp to build that perfect channel strategy for you
Step 3
Receive a document that highlights all the marketing activities you need to take and where you need to take them. And jump with joy after notifications!

Got Questions? Here are answers to a few common ones.

Do you do this asynchronously? Or do I need to get involved?
Yes, this service needs your involvement. You will fill a form to provide me details about your SaaS, what marketing actions you have taken, what your marketing goals are and how does your resources look like the near future. I might also need a call if I need more answers based on your responses on the form. Once I have everything that I think I need, I’ll build the right customized strategy for you.
Can you create a marketing strategy from scratch? Or do you only work on existing marketing activities or current strategies?
I can do both. You must have a SaaS product that is live, or at least a document that contains information on who your customers are and what problem it solves for them. Building a marketing channel strategy from scratch is difficult because I won’t have any idea what your SaaS product does or is going to look like. So the more information I have, the better!
In what format will you provide the marketing channel strategy?
I like to keep things simple. I’ll send you a Google doc with your marketing channel strategy. I’ll also include comments that explain the rationale behind some of the tactics and channels, so you know why it’s there. I’ll send you the marketing action tracker in Google Sheets for you to easily track each activity for you to take action.
What if I don’t like the strategy you give me?
If you have taken action on your marketing activities and it still didn’t work, I’ll take another pass at it. And another one after that. After two passes, if you still don’t see results, I’ll give you your money back.

Let's get started.

Consistent Sales Notifications with clear, compelling marketing activities is 5 days away.

The end. Woah, aren't you a scroller!

Thank you for making it all the way here.
If you've still got questions, get in touch with me on Twitter or send me a mail ricky@saaswrites.com.
See you around!