22+ Expert Tips to Tweet as a SaaS founder

22+ Expert Tips to Tweet as a SaaS founder

We curated Twitter tips to tweet from experts for SaaS founders. Let’s GO!
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.
Updated: 05/27/2022

1. Overindex on Momentum

The fastest way to grow is in short sprints, not long marathons:
  • @hey_bernie grew from 0-20k+ after writing ~25 threads in 25 days
Momentum is the fastest way to build an identity.
Once you become associated with a certain vertical (ie. writing/marketing), you continually get mentioned/tagged in relevant conversations.
These mentions then drive organic growth w/o you having to constantly post.

2. Vulnerability as differentiation

People follow people. But you only sound human if you:
  • Recognize your mistakes
  • Share the wins and the losses
  • Take a side but concede if wrong
Don't try and build an immaculate image, people prefer tainted ones.

3. Quality > Quantity

True, results are guaranteed if you average 40 tweets, 200 replies and 20 RTs a day. But it's difficult to produce 40 original thoughts/day.
You end up building a brand as the person who is "always tweeting" v. the person who is "worth following."

What makes a quality tweet?

Follow 3 steps:
  1. Ask yourself: Is this take counter-intuitive, counter-narrative or driven from personal experience?
  1. Look at your content last month, is it repetitive?
  1. Conduct the "so-what" test.

4. Apply inversion

People respond to things that stand out. Find similar accounts in your niche and do the opposite:
  • Lots of list threads? Tell a story in your thread.
  • Lots of links? Convert your blog posts into tweet threads.

5. Leverage the Readwise leaderboard

Feel like this is the closest we have to a live ranking leaderboard in "Content Twitter"
A great place to:
  • Discover new accounts.
  • Learn thread writing techniques.
  • Gain content inspiration.

6. Build Specified Swipe Files

General Swipe Files lead to generic content. Instead, build specified swipe files:
  • One solely on Twitter hooks
  • One solely on how people integrated CTAs
  • One solely on marketing threads
  • Match intent with curation.
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7. Leverage copywriting psychology

At @beondeck, we had a "simple" layout to our anchor tweet:
  • Announcement
  • Problem
  • Solution
A common copywriting framework, but it hooked people to read one to learn about what solution was provided.

8. Use funnels on your Twitter

  1. Tweet targeting a wide audience to grow your account.
  1. Tweet about a core issue (ie. early-stage startups) to see who engages.
  1. Tweet with e a CTA for those people w/ shared interest to reach out.

9. Mine the internet

People love old remnants of the internet that are resurfaced. In your vertical, look for:
  • Old email exchanges.
  • First drafts of websites.
  • Legendary newspaper headlines.

10. Build a support system

Burnout from content creation is easy. Find people to help in the journey:
  • Workshopping content.
  • Brainstorming new ideas.
  • Sending you cool inspiration.

11. Build your content buckets backward

Instead of creating content buckets, you think your audience will like, post lots of types of content then see what performs best. Your content buckets will emerge from your experimentation.

12. Better Presentation

Try to differentiate from the rest. Good presentation and message passing are crystal clear.
People stop scrolling as they see something new.
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13. Share your experience with someone who is starting today

Share some of the common mistakes people make based on your experience.
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14. Use Emoji's like a bullet

Easy to relate and understand faster.
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15. Explain the current situation

Better formatting. Easily relatable despite the niche. Leaving open-ended questions for everyone to add what they think.
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16. Target common problem

There are a ton of chances that the problem you are facing is faced by many. Building is easy, selling is hard. ( This is faced by many of us ). People could easily relate, as it is connected with emotions.
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17. Use homophone

This is something interesting by default. Asking your audience what to do on a highly debatable topic is gold. Everyone will tap on a tweet to check the comments
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18. Underrated / Overrated

This is a common pattern that many people use. Compare two things against each other and many people will relate it.
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19. Unpopular opinion

You are trying to differentiate from the rest with your thoughts. It works well, provided your opinion is damn good.
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20. Go with the trend

It becomes easy for everyone to relate faster.
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21. Leave your audience in suspense

This will generate more curiosity amongst the audience and the desire to click and read the thread. They will be curious to know what's cooking inside.
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22. Show them the stats

It is very clear that you have done the homework and are ready to share your finding with the audience. You are saving hours by doing research on your own.
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