How to create viral content for your SaaS?

How to create viral content for your SaaS?

We curated the best ways to create viral content for your SaaS from experts. Letโ€™s go!
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Updated on: 05/23/2022

How to create viral content for your SaaS?

A regular boring technical product made 700% rise in sales
That too with a $50 budget
By making viral content.

How Blendtec created viral buzz for their product

Blendtec is a blender manufacturing company. They figured out the right way to create buzz for their product. And they didn't do any out-of-the-world marketing.
They just recorded a video. And made huge sales. Tim - the engineer and founder made home blenders. In 1995 he entered the bread-making space.
And solved a huge problem in the market. By creating a home blender that milled the finest flour- at the cheapest price. The product made was great. But no one really knew about it. This was 1999.
He hires George - the marketing guy. George never worked with a budget so low. But he noticed something on his first day.
A pile of sawdust on the floor. It turned out it was Tom in the factory. He turned 2ร—2 boards to dust.
Doing his routine durability testing. George had an idea to make the blender famous. He went out to the market with $50. And returned with
โ€ข marbles
โ€ข golf balls
โ€ข rake
He set to work, Put on a lab coat on Tom. Put the marbles in the blender, and put Tom and the blender in front of a camera.
"Imagine tossing a handful of marbles into your home blender".
The marbles turned to fine powder.
Next, the Golf ball was pulverized.
The rake was turned to powder.
George posted the videos on YouTube and crossed his fingers.
People were amazed.
It was called "surprisingly awesome" and "the ultimate blender".
It racked up 6 million views in the first week.
People started to ask what else could it rack?
  • hard drives โ€ข samurai sword โ€ข nintendo controllers โ€ข justin beiber CDs โ€ข iPhone
The video series titled "will it blend".
It received more than 300 million views.
Sales was up by 700%.
From videos made for $50.

3 lessons to create viral content for your SaaS:

  • you don't need a crazy adv budget
  • you can 'make' something viral
  • create content that can spark conversations
P.S. This story is inspired from a book - Contagious.

7 ways to go viral

1. Build A Cult

People associate themselves with this particular group. Elon Musk, Tom Brady, Michael Saylor. Example: Bitcoin Laser Eyes
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2. Entertain Millions Online

Create funny, engaging content online and promote your offer.
Example: Lil Nas X and Old-town Road.

3. Don't Sell Features, Sell Results.

"1,000 songs in your pocket." Tell a story that resonates Example: Apple iPod
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4. Say The Unexpected

Instead of explaining how "cheap" something is, Say why it's so expensive. Example: @WearAtoms Shoes
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5. Use A Catchy Slogan

Own a phrase that the entire world pronounces. Example: Nike's "Just Do it"
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6. Create Controversy

Controversy attracts 10x more eyeballs. Sometimes, for free. Example: Tesla's Cybertruck (Credits: @goodmarketingHQ)
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7. Break World Records

Red Bull sponsored a skydiver attempting the highest freefall. It became the most viewed live stream ever. Example: Red Bull Stratos
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