How to begin YouTube as a SaaS Founder

How to begin YouTube as a SaaS Founder

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Updated on: 02/04/2022

We curated expert tips on how you as a SaaS founder can begin YouTube:
Let’s GO!
Ali Abdaal says It takes between 52 and 152 videos to get your first 1,000 subs on YouTube. The trick to creating all these videos is making filming and editing as frictionless as possible.

1. Consistency

The more you do something, the more it’ll become a habit. All you really need to do is make one video per week. That’s it. Focus on this week’s video, then move onto the next, before you know it you’ll be on a roll.

2. Low Lift Content

If you’re in this for the right reasons, you’ll probably be bursting at the seams with video ideas. The best thing to do as a beginner is make videos about topics you’re already passionate or knowledgeable about. It’ll make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable.

3. Bullet Point Scripts

Don’t spend tons of time writing your scripts. Get pen to paper and bullet point the main topics you want to speak about - with time you’ll find your flow and style.

4. Don't Overthink, Just Do It

Don’t get caught up thinking about making great titles or perfect thumbnails when you’re starting out. Those parts of a video are really important but it shouldn’t stop you starting and getting those creative juices flowing.

5. Make Editing Easy

As you film, think about how you'll edit. I click my fingers at the start of each take to make it easy to sync audio and know where to cut. Plus, if you regularly use an intro, outro or overlay, save it as a preset.

6. Productive Downtime

When I was working full-time as a Junior Doctor, I’d spend time scripting or writing video descriptions during my lunch break.
Using these ‘in-between’ moments like when you’re on the train, bus, during your breaks will keep you consistent (and if you’re enjoying creating content, it’s also just fun)

7. Batch Filming

Time’s always a limiting factor in creating YouTube videos. If all your videos are loosely “scripted” in advance, you can block out a day to batch film two or three in a row, which would give you content for the next month.

8. Don’t care about camera quality

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can make YouTube videos. You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy camera and lights to get started.
When you’re ready to upgrade, get a good mic first. People will watch a crappy video, but they won’t listen to crappy audio

9. Re-watch Old Videos

I still do this today. When you’re new to YouTube, you don’t really have the data to tell you the areas to improve so watching back your old videos can give you a fresh perspective and reveal areas to improve.

10. Outsource Editing

Once you’re in the flow of making videos, the best thing you can do is outsource your editing.
It’ll save so much time which you can use to script, film or work on other projects like starting a newsletter (which everyone should definitely do).