36+ Expert Tips to optimize your Twitter Bio as a SaaS Founder

36+ Expert Tips to optimize your Twitter Bio as a SaaS Founder

We curated the best expert tips to optimize your Twitter bio as a SaaS founder:
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Updated on: 01/04/2022

EspreeDevora talks about why founders should focus on optimizing their Twitter bio
Unfortunately founders don't put much thought into a twitter bio and end up losing out on a lot of opportunity thinking twitter is for random thoughts, rather than a powerful tool to create impactful relationships. This thread is how to optimize your twitter bio for business
There are many reasons why people don't follow your account. It's interesting how some small changes to your twitter profile and bio can increase your follow rate x2. ~ Kvng Jay

Why is Twitter Bio important for SaaS Founders?

A Twitter bio can be a business relationship builder.
Founders don't know how to optimize twitter for business. They don't know that Twitter is a leader in Google search results. Here's how to optimize your twitter bio...

1. Optimize your bio with your details

To optimize your Twitter bio you'll want to include who you are, your credibility, why you matter, some social proof and a call to action directing viewers where to go.

2. State who you are

In your twitter bio start with your about by stating who you are. You want people to immediately know where to place you in their minds. So if you're an author say "author", if you're a painter, say "painter"... "podcaster", "CEO", "teacher", "founder".

3. Share your credibility

Here's some examples of sharing credibility in a twitter bio:
  • "NYT bestseller"
  • "Award winning podcaster"
  • "I've helped over 50 projects raise $5M crowdfunding"
  • "grown company to 9+ million users without funding"

4. Share your value

To have a strong twitter bio share your value, why you matter to the person visiting your profile. You want to spell out the value you can have in someone else's life if they choose to stay connected with you.
Here's some examples of sharing your value in a twitter bio:
  • "double your productivity in 21 days" (@gsdlab)

5. Show Proof

In your twitter bio show proof that people look to you as a go to expert. Most people don't want to be first to the party. It's proven in crowdfunding campaigns people want to see others buy before they decide to contribute. It's the same for most other industries.
Seeing others buy first provides a sense of security for new buyers. For example:
  • "Over 1 million people read my newsletter" (@jamesclear)

6. Tell people where to go (Call to Action)

he internet is fast and distracting so if you don't direct people where to go then they won't go anywhere. Be sure to include where to connect with you further in your twitter bio like a url to a landing page or your email.
Here's some examples of awesome call to actions in a twitter bio from @heydannymiranda and @jamesclear:
  • "new podcast episodes Mon/Wed/Fri: Spotify.com/me"
  • "read my newsletter (see below)", "email me me@email.com".

Helping X [Group of people] accomplish Y [task or job to be done] using Z [Method or system]
He shares frameworks to follow when writing bio for twitter.

7. The Blake Special

Start with credibility and social proof. Then tell me straight-up why I should follow you. Bonus points for using words like "free", "grow", "learn", and "tips."
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8. Be straight to the point

Tell me what you do. Be specific and extremely clear. No one wants to spend an extra 30 seconds guessing what you do. Who does this well? @aprildunford
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9. Brand yourself as the "XYZ" person

Love writing about eCommerce? Start posting enough content where you would consider yourself the “eComm Person.” Having a keyword in your brand can help you get discovered and be more memorable. Who does this well? @Aprilynne
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10. Be funny and relatable

People like levity. They don't want everything to be serious all the time. If your personality is jokey, add some funny to your bio. Who does this well? @badunicornvc
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11. Tell me what's in it for me

People don't care about you. They care what you can do for them. So just tell them upfront what they get out of following you. Who does this well? @blackhatwizardd
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12. Set clear content expectations

Tell me the type of content I should expect from you. Maybe I don't like fortune cookie tweets, but I really like threads.
Your bio can help clarify if it's a fit for me. Oh, and not EVERYONE should follow you. Who does this well? @chrishlad
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13. Dare to be contrarian

Express your true thoughts and beliefs. If they're contrarian, you'll likely surprise a lot of people and they'll wanna know more. Who does this well? @Codie_Sanchez
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14. Double down on social proof

Don't rely on your own words to persuade. Let your body of work and achievements talk a bit for you. Get the opinions of others involved. Who does this well? @craigclemens
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15. Invite new students

Tell me what you teach. Help me understand the transformation your knowledge could make if I apply your advice. Who does this well? @dickiebush
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16. Give me something for free

Give away a free eBook, course, email drip, or template right in your bio. Send the signal upfront that you give way more than you take. Who does this well? @ecomchasedimond
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17. Show us your most helpful content

Point me to your best content, whether it's on Twitter, your blog, your YouTube, etc. I want to see the best you've got so I can make an informed "follow" decision. Who does this well @george__mack
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18. Laser focus on one CTA

Don't ask me to do a million things at once. Show me one helpful link or ask me to do one thing only. Who does this well? @GoodMarketingHQ
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19. Give away the secrets to things everyone wants

Everyone wants to build a community. This is a clear example of a person who is telling me: "I'll give you the exact roadmap to do it." Who does this well? @gregisenberg
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20. Create a personal connection instantly

Whether it's by telling me how to pronounce your name, what your favorite snack is, etc: Give me a peak into life through your eyes. Who does this well? @h5amin
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21. Stand up for something

Don't go overly broad with your bio. If you have a very specific niche or core belief, go all in on that. Become the leader of that movement. Who does this well? @HashtagHeyAlexa
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22. Tell me something crazy, and then relate to me

Shock me with a crazy result (like 0 to 50M ARR), then bring me back to earth with reality (Burned out.) Show what you're capable of, and that you're a real human. Who does this well? @JustinSaaS
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23. Give yourself a memorable nickname

Be known for something! You need all the advantages on Twitter that you can get, and being memorable is at the top of that wishlist. Who does this well? @KateBour
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24. Don't appeal to everyone

Talk to your people. Don't expect everyone to fit that group. Seeking out everyone will result in appealing to no one. Who does this well? @lolitataub
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25. Use the "Tweets about..." framework

Be bold and simple: I tweet about X, Y, and Z. It works because it's quick to read, sets expectations, and makes the judgment call easy. Who does this well? @mkhundmiri
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26. Surprise me.

Make me gasp, stand up, laugh, jump, cry, etc. Evoke an emotion that I don't expect going into a Twitter bio. This ups your follow chances for sure. Who does this well? @packyM
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27. Don't tell me you know it all

Tell me what you're learning. Let me dive into the journey alongside you since I'd like to learn the same thing. Who does this well? @polina_marinova
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28. Help people achieve their goals

Here's an example where I know this account will help me get a dev job. If that aligns with my goal, I am 100% following that account. Who does this well? @RandallKanna
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29. Tell me how often you'll tweet

I wish more people did this. Some people are OK with high-volume tweeters. Some just want chill accounts to follow. Make that info available so they can make a decision. Who does this well @randfish
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30. Go specific and never stray

When you're known for a topic, convey that you don't deviate from it. Stay true to the words in your bio and you'll retain your followers as well. Who does this well? @rosiesherry
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31. Tell me a random fact

Something remarkable happened to you? Tell me an insane fact that applies to your niche? Display it. We don't need any more cookie-cutter bios. Who does this well? @SahilBloom
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32. Sell me on the transformation

You don't sell people on features. You sell them on what life will be like after they get the features. Tell me how your content will transform me. Who does this well? @SalesNotepad
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33. Go controversial

50% will agree with your bio and follow instantly. The other 50% may still follow out of pure intrigue. Who does this well? @ShaanVP
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34. Make tough concepts easy for me

Reassure me that even though you're talking about something I don't understand or may typically be "boring", you'll actually make it easy to learn alongside you. Who does this well? @theaknobel
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35. Predict the future

Create a social proof quote based on what you want Forbes to say about you 10 years from now. Who does this well? @wizofecom
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36. Show what you are doing

Ev Chapman shares an interesting tip to optimize your bio
Tell them What You're Doing Dylan from @growthcurrency uses this formula to tell people what he's currently doing - teaching marketing to Creators. If you are building in public, use this one.
[Your Name] is [fill in the blank]
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