21+ Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Fix Today!

Read a curated list of landing page mistakes for your SaaS from experts and SaaS Founders.

21+ Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Fix Today!
We curated from experts the mistakes your SaaS landing page is making and how to avoid them. Let’s GO!
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.

A landing page serves 1 purpose: To generate leads or sell products.
Everyone and their dog has a landing page nowadays.
The problem? Most of them get 0 conversions.
Here are the 7 most common landing page flaws:

1. Load Time

Did you know that every second you remove from loading adds 6% conversion on average?
The average human now has an attention span less than a goldfish.
If you can’t get them scrolling nearly immediately, you will lose the lead.

2. Generic Language and Templates

Most people create a landing page for all traffic.
But what if your traffic comes from:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
They will all have different expectations and different ways of consuming.
Tailor your page to each traffic source.

3. Distractions

Picture this.
You’re on a landing page.
It’s looking good. Then, a pop-up appears.
Then, an online chat, a footer message…
Remember what I said about attention span?
Keeping your landing page simple is imperative.
Don’t try to lead the consumer down too many avenues.

4. Visual Disconnect

Imagine you’re advertising a product like a Macbook.
Then, you don’t mention the word ‘Macbook’, or show a picture of a Macbook…
How confused is your consumer going to be?
Reinforce your branding, message, and visuals.

5. Bad Mobile Experience

Did you know that 65% of Google searches are done through mobile?
What about if you’re trying to convert from Instagram or TikTok?
You cannot afford to have a bad mobile experience in this day and age.
Make sure you have a mobile-specific template.

6. Not Addressing Buyer Concerns

Your potential customer is naturally going to have concerns.
How are you going to address them?
  • Free trials?
  • Testimonials?
  • Money back guarantee?
Make sure you preempt these doubts, and answer them as best as you can.

7. Too Complicated

The more time they spend on the page, the less chance you have of converting.
Can you put autofill on your form?
Can you do authentication from Gmail or Facebook?
These little details will lead to your customer spending less time on your page.

To 3x your landing page conversion, check if you aren’t making any of these 7 copy mistakes:

8. Bland & weak

Crank up your copy to evoke emotions in your reader.
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity
  • Angry
  • Greed
  • Fear
Every emotion is better than no emotion. You don't want your reader to think: "...meh"
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9. Poor Grammar

Copywriting and academic writing aren't the same.
You don't have to obey all of the rules.
Despite this, basics are a must.
Mistakes like:
  • this is.wrong
  • I think it should, Be done
...are unacceptable.
Use Grammarly and Hemingway App to correct it.
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10. Jacked & Flashy

It takes place when people try to pump a weak offer.
  • !!!! or !?!?
  • Flashy colors.
  • Insulting the reader.
  • Curse words.
A good offer defends itself without "boosters".
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11. No intrigue & mystery

A good hook invokes a response in your reader.
Makes him salivating.
Glues him to the page to read more and more.
How to write a BAD hook?
  • by giving a solution or secret IN the hook.
Delayed gratification > Instant gratification
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12. Cliché & pointless words

They're plenty of words and phrases you can delete without affecting the sentence’s meaning.
Pointless words clog your content.
And most cliches are vague and meaningless.
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13. Writing long blocks of copy

People rarely read online — they’re far more likely to scan than read word for word.
  • Keep short sentences.
  • Use simple words.
  • Make copy sound conversational.
  • Use more (.) than (,)
  • Start sentences with conjunctions like "but" or "and"
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14. Chaotic, nonsensical sentences

Good copy flows.
To check if your copy flow — read it out loud.
Your ears will detect what your eyes can't.
  • Commas.
  • Periods.
  • Pauses.
  • Conjunctions.
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So you're wondering: "Why does my landing page not convert?"
The two problems: copy and design
Here's what might be wrong with the last one (and how to fix it)

15. It loads too slow

People's attention span is short.
And if your landing page loads longer than 1-1.5s, they bounce.
Minimize all of your resources:
Fonts, images, CSS, and JS files, you name it.
Most of the WYSIWYG tools can do it for you.

16. It has distractions

What are distractions?
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Chatbots
Everything that's not about your offer
Just by removing navigation, you can increase the CR by 100% (if not more)
Still, want to have it on your landing page?

17. It has bad mobile experience

About 60% of searches happen on mobile
Not mobile friendly = you lose the sale
Mobile-friendly secrets:
  • One-column layout
  • No horizontal scroll
  • Buttons are easy to click (at least 48x48px)
  • Text is readable (don't use font less than 16px)

18. It doesn't handle objections

Can you offer a free trial?
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Do you have testimonials and success stories?
Eliminate the risk of purchase.

19. It asks for too much information

Nobody likes to fill out forms.
But filling out
  • First pet's name
  • Age of your mother
  • Other bullshit nobody needs to know
Is triple frustrating
  • There should be a balance
  • Keep in mind the quality of leads you need
When in doubt, ask later.

20. It's not optimized for skimming

More than 70% of users scanning, not reading
  • Use spacing
  • Use bullet points
  • Use headings hierarchy
  • Drive their attention
  • Show them what to read
  • And how to read it

21. It has bad CTAs

Your CTA consist of two parts:
  • Button color
  • And button text
Here's how to do it right
  • CTA color
    • Use contrasting color
    • Consider the color meaning
    • Don't mess up with your branding (so many does it)
  • CTA text
If you want to kill your conversions
Use generic call to action:
  • Buy now
  • Submit
  • Anything else NOBODY want to do
Your CTA should be:
  • Specific
  • Benefit-oriented
  • Time-sensitive (bonus points)

22. Too much going on = Too few conversions

If people don't know what you do from your landing page, you failed.
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Here you go!
Fix all the mistakes and see your landing page conversions go up!

Written by

Qayyum Rajan
Qayyum Rajan

Qayyum (”Q”) is a serial builder with more than 5 startups to his name with 3 exits. He specializes in shipping products fast, and early with an focus on driving traffic across the marketing funnels