77+ Expert Checklist and Tips for SaaS Landing Page Conversions

Read a curated list of landing page conversion tips with examples for your SaaS from copywriting experts and SaaS Founders.

77+ Expert Checklist and Tips for SaaS Landing Page Conversions
We curated a huge checklist of landing page tips to help you increase your conversions from experts. Let’s go!
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.

Alex Garcia shares 10 tips to double your conversion rate in the next 5 minutes.
Creating a high-converting landing page is hard.
But a great landing page can drive millions in revenue.
So here are 11 tips to double your conversion rate in the next 5 minutes:

1. Break Your Landing Page Into Sections

When I first develop a landing page, I break it down into four different sections.
Those sections determine the goal I’m after.
Four primary sections to build your landing page:
  • Earn The Scroll
  • Earn The Trust
  • Earn The Confidence
  • Earn The Sale

2. Collect Zero-Party Data To Optimize Your Landing Pages

One of the best ways to optimize your landing pages is to collect the data that helps you personalize them.
Things like quizzes and questionnaires help you know what to sell, how to sell it, and why to sell it.

3. Create The Red Carpet Experience**

Your customer is the celebrity.
And you’re their assistant.
Your job is to make sure anything that the customer needs is right there in front of them in an organized and digestible manner.

4. Establish a Push & Pull

The best LPs do a mix of pushing and pulling.
Push = Convincing the person why they should give you their time, attention, and money, and bring you into their life.
Pull = Call to actions
Alternate between the two.

5. Test 5 foot benefits vs. 5-mile benefits

Your landing page should answer: How will this customer benefit from the product?
5-foot benefits: You’ll get these benefits immediately.
5-mile benefits: These are long-term benefits that take time to become a reality.

6. CEO And Employees

Each landing page should focus on one big idea or value proposition.
This is your first headline, and imagine it’s the CEO.
And every following headline is an employee supporting the CEO.
Meaning that every other headline should support your H1.

7. Test Your H1 Via Ads

Run FB ads where you test different headlines to see which resonates.
The one metric that matters here: Click-Through Rate.
The higher the click-through rate, the more valuable the copy is.
Take the winning copy and apply it to your landing page.

8. Keep The Scent Trail The Same

If you’re paid media touches on a paint point or value prop, your landing page should expand on that same pain point or value prop.
Too many ads focus on a benefit and then sell another benefit on the LP.
This weakens your scent trail.

9. Let Customers Fuel Your Copy

Your best copy, headlines, testimonials, and creative lives in your reviews and DMs.
Find the common denominators and use them to fuel how you push your product.

10. Reverse Engineer Behind Your MWA**

Every landing page should be tailored toward the “Most-Wanted Action.”
This is the one action you want a customer to take.
Take this and reverse engineer the objections and questions behind it.0

Joe Portsmouth shares a marketing Tip: Make your funnel easy 99% of email marketing campaigns follow the same 3 steps: → Get the open → Get the click → Get the conversion Each step should tie together. Make this funnel easy with a clear subject line, one main email CTA and a frictionless landing page.

10 marketing tips to increase conversions and sales on your site right now:

11.Speak to one

Nothing converts worse than a broad message.
Speak specifically to one niche market: "Disability insurance quotes for attorneys"
Focus on 1 avatar, 1 problem, and 1 solution.
Speak to one on your landing page.
Speak to one on your landing page.

12. Cadence and flow

Each line of copy has two goals: sustain attention and drive action.
Cadence and flow are powerful tools to help achieve those goals.
notion image

13. Immediate social proof

Most landing pages have social proof at the final CTA only.
Add your social proof immediately to build trust and desire faster:
notion image

14. Turn broad statements into specific results

Don't say "we get clients more sales", say "$10m made for our clients in 2021."
Don't say "better productivity", say "save 1 day every week."
notion image

15. Explain the transformation

Your offer should take people from a place of pain to success.
Be clear and communicate a realistic transformation they can expect when buying:
notion image

16. Use loss aversion

The fear of losing $20 is stronger than the joy of gaining $20.
Apply it: give a full-access trial.
Losing amazing features at the end will be more painful than the joy of gaining them by upgrading.
notion image

17. Minimize risk around CTAs

Clicking a CTA takes time (signing up) and money (paying for a good or service).
Don't give a reason to second-guess.
Support your CTA with reinforcing value statements:
notion image

18.CTA button copy

"Get started" is an average CTA.
Better CTAs tell users the exact step they are about to take to produce action and commitment.
What happens when they click? Write that:
notion image

19.Make your customer the hero

Your product isn't the hero. Your customer is.
Focus your copy on their journey and how you are there to optimize and maximize it.
notion image

20. UGC

Ditch stock photos. Talk to customers!
Get permission to use their words, photos, and experiences directly on your landing page.
Let your thriving community sell for you:
notion image
Your homepage isn't just an opportunity for conversions.
It's for brand-building too.

21. Address a pain point in your headline & sub-headline

What's a problem your customers have?
Consider what's...
  • Urgent
  • Painful
  • Highly specific
Then write something that directly speaks to that problem.
Examples: Loom; Earlybird; Forget the Funnel
notion image
notion image
notion image

22. Sprinkle social proof everywhere.

Try a mix of different types of social proof.
  • Logos
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Reviews and ratings
  • # of customers you have
Examples: Powered by Search; Ahrefs; Growth Machine; 5four Digital
notion image
notion image
notion image
notion image

23. Edit and curate testimonials.

Remember: readers are skimming.
Edit testimonials so they're in bite-sized 1-2 sentences.
Curate ones that speak to various, specific benefits.
Examples: Demand Curve; Superhuman
notion image
notion image

24. Explain your mission

Framed in the context of:
  • How customers benefit
  • Why they should care
We believe market research surveys are expensive.
Replace expensive market research surveys. Example: SparkToro
notion image
notion image

24. Background

Change the background from plain white to a different colour.
You can use your brand colour otherwise blue is a safe bet.
Or you could use an image...
  1. Background
Change the background from plain white to a different colour.
You can use your brand colour otherwise blue is a safe bet.
Or you could use an image...
Either something representing your lead magnet.
For the meal-timing example from the previous threads, that might be an image with a clock and/or a plate of food.
Or cityscapes or landscapes work well.
Though make sure you can still easily read the text.

25. Lead Magnet Image

Add an image of your lead magnet.
It wants to be high quality as people will judge how good it is on how good it looks.
And they usually work best when placed to either the left or right of the headline.

26. Two Step

Use a two-step opt-in form.
That means instead of the form on your page, you have a button that when clicked brings up the form.
It takes advantage of commitment and consistency to boost conversions.
Pretty much all modern funnel software has this option now.

27. Expand The Headline

At the moment our headline is little more than a promise.
So you can expand on it in a couple of ways.
First: Above the main headline you can call out your ideal customer.
Second: Below, you can give more detail about your promise.

28. Add Body Copy

To really flesh out your page you can add body copy.
Use it to expand on your promise.
Go into detail about the specific benefits it provides with a mix of paragraphs and bullets.
And you can set it up by first stating the problem it solves.

29. Proof And Credibility

Then add any relevant proof and credibility elements.
For example:
  • Well-known brands you've worked with.
  • A testimonial or two.
  • A short bio.
Or anything else that shows you're the real deal.

30. Another CTA

At this point, your prospects probably have to scroll down your squeeze page to see it all.
You don't want them to have to scroll back up to opt-in.
Because many won't.
So add another CTA at the bottom of your page so they don't have to.

31. Add a Header

You can add a header to the page.
Though it doesn't need to be the same header as the rest of your site.
Just a logo works well.
Though you can also add a navigation menu.
But beware you will lose some visitors as they will click the links rather than opt-in.
For the final step you can add your full website footer to the page.
As with the header, you will lose some prospects as they'll click a link and not come back.
But it does give the page a more "legitimate" look.
And that's how to take your bare bones squeeze page and put some flesh on it.
We've gone from little more than a promise to a fully-fledged page including a header and a footer.
Though don't do everything just for the sake of it.
Make sure you test.

33. Have one goal

50% of landing pages had multiple, often equally prioritised, call-to-actions.
Focus your page on one key conversion event like @gumroad
notion image

34. Focus on your USPs

You know them, so where are they on your landing page?
Contrast your product with competitors and the current way of doing things, like @typeform
notion image

35. Clear, relevant social proof

Only about 40% of landing pages had it above the fold. And of those only about 50% used testimonial language that was consistent with the pain and benefits listed elsewhere on the landing page.
notion image
notion image

36. Simple language

About 1 in 8 landing pages I roasted, I couldn't comprehend on first read-through. These landing pages required several attempts to simply 'get it'.
Fix it: Avoid technical terms and acronyms, and write in plain language.
notion image
notion image

37. Real pain

PAS (pain - agitate - solve) is a common copywriting technique used to increase conversion. Only 1 in 15 LPs agitated or amplified the pain with emotional language and vivid imagery.
But @basecamp and Kitchen did
notion image
notion image
In fact, adding a 'pain' element to the roastmylandingpage.com landing page increased conversion by 40%
notion image

38. Clear benefits and use cases

Visitors shouldn't have to work out how and why the product will benefit them. Tell and show them with clear benefits language, and example use cases.
notion image
notion image

39. Signpost your CTAs

So many landing pages had a call-to-action, without clear signposting around the action.
What were they agreeing to? How much would it cost? What technical setup was involved?
Add context to your CTA like @popdotwork @CrazyEgg @MiroHQ
notion image
notion image
notion image

40. Ask, stop guessing

3 in 5 founders said they didn't know what they had missed. But only 3 in 200 had asked their visitors.
Fix it: add an exit intent survey on your landing page. Ask why they're leaving. Address those reasons on your page.
notion image

41. Know your stats!

Only 2/5 founders could tell me current conversion on their landing page.
Fix it: setup analytics and event tracking. Uncover a conversion baseline for future experimentation.
Use @googleanalytics @heap or @fullstory and build conversion funnels.
notion image

42. Go more niche!

Landing pages targeting multiple buyers personas and use cases almost universally convert at a lower rate. Go more niche, expand later.
notion image

43. The right ask

Be mindful about what you ask - your CTA. Too soon on the page or in the buying cycle, it's not going to convert.
Write a list of what a visitor *needs* to know before they take action. Ensure this critical info is before your first CTA.
notion image

44. Show don't tell

So many LPs used large blocks of text to explain something that could be more clearly and powerfully demonstrated in a simple product shot, table, visual, example, demo, illustration or abstraction.
notion image
notion image
notion image

45. Address doubts

As visitors' unanswered questions grow, the chances of a conversion decrease.
Add FAQs or amend your CTA to address doubt ad increase clarity like @geckoboard @topicseo @ahrefs
notion image
notion image
notion image

46. Better images

Around 65% of the landing pages I reviewed used images from popular landing page collections: photos, icons and illustration.
Work harder to find or create meaningful images or animation for your landing page. Like
notion image
notion image
notion image

47. Know your funnel

It's not just about knowing clicks on your CTA. Understand the full funnel from source -> activated user.
There are opportunities to increase conversion at every stage.
notion image

Pro Tip: Keep testing

Of the 200 I roasted, no founder had yet implemented consistent, regular conversion testing.
A cycle of constant experimentation increases your learnings about customers and drives more revenue.
Keep shipping tests!
You automatically decrease conversions with more than one offer on a landing page.
Focus here is vital.~Logan

48. Free tip for people getting lots of traffic to their website/landing page with little conversions that can increase your conversion % by 2-6x

  • Install an exit pop up with a lead magnet (valuable document) giving an extra insight into your product/service and how it can solve their problem.
  • Make sure you have your Facebook pixel installed and retarget people who haven't purchased also driving them to this value lead.
  • Set up a chase sequence of emails, SMS and outbound calls to stay in touch with everyone who signs up to the lead magnet over 6-8 weeks.
  • Don't expect everyone to convert the first time they see your company. Lead with value and automate follow-up processes to give you maximum efficiency for minimal input

49. Call's to Action

The purpose of a landing page is to get the reader to take a specific action.
Ideally, you should provide your CTA above the fold, and it should be in a brighter or more noticeable color than your other text.
Here’s an example
notion image

50. How it works

If you have a product or service, be sure that your landing page shows how it actually works.
You could have a video or even just an animated GIF that demonstrates the tool in action.
This continues down the page.
Here’s a demonstration
notion image

51. Minimize distractions

Another key to creating an effective landing page is to minimize unnecessary distractions.
Remove any other navigational links if visitors have anywhere else to go on your website, it’s quite likely that they will prefer to click elsewhere.
However, only about 16% of landing pages currently have no navigation links, so people have some work to do.
In addition, keep your design clean and simple.
If your design pulls readers in too many different directions, it will deter them from clicking on your CTA.

52. Provide Benefits/ Avoid Pain

Another key that is more on the copywriting side of creating a landing page is to help the reader see how their life can be better with your product or service
2 categories here:
  • For B2B:
How will it improve efficiency? How will it make the business more money? How will it help you beat the competition? How will it help you meet company goals?
  • For B2C:
How will it affect your relationships? How will it help you achieve personal goals? How will it help you become healthier? How will it help you become richer? How will it make you happier?

53. Make it mobile-friendly

Another key is to ensure that your landing page is friendly on both desktop and mobile devices.
This will not only help you improve conversions, but it will also help your SEO, as Google operates on a mobile-first indexing approach.
notion image
notion image

54. Maintain consistent messaging/branding

Be sure that your landing page maintains consistent messaging and branding. This includes your tone of voice, colors, offer, etc.
Check out this example
notion image
notion image
In both the Facebook ad and throughout the landing page;
  • The messaging is clearly targeted at social media agencies.
  • The value position is equally clear.
  • Branding is similar throughout the journey.

55.Make your offer a no-brainer

Making your offer a no-brainer means that you deeply understand your audience’s pain points and offer the perfect solution.
The more specific your offer is, the more likely it is to succeed.
Adding a money-back guarantee helps as well.

56. Define your purpose

Before you start creating your Landing Page, you need to know what its purpose is. What do you want people to do when they land on your page? Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product, or download a PDF?

57. Keep it simple

Your Landing Page should be simple and to the point. You don’t want to distract people with too much information or too many links. All you want people to do is take the action you want them to take.

58. Use a strong headline

Your headline should be clear and concise. It should tell people what they can expect to find on your Landing Page.

59. Use compelling visuals

People are more likely to take notice of your Landing Page if it includes compelling visuals. You can use images, videos, or infographics to grab people’s attention and get your message across.

60. Use persuasive copy

Your copy should be persuasive and convince people to take the action you want them to take. Use strong headlines and benefit-driven copy to get your point across.

61. Include a call-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be clear and easy to spot. You want people to be able to see it and know what they need to do. Make your CTA stand out by using a strong color or an engaging image.

62. Use Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is the process of making sure your Landing Page is effective. You can use A/B testing to test different versions of your Landing Page and see which one performs better.

Akram shares 50+ tips to optimize your landing page for conversions. 63. Optimization

  • Compress large sized images using an online image compressor.
  • Use embed videos via Vimeo and Youtube instead of using direct videos.
  • Use an image upscaler to make blurry images clear.
  • Use Svg illustrations for more clarity and faster load speed.
  • Use a benefit driven headline- (We help {x} achieve {y} within {z} days)
  • Make your Call-to-action button BIG.
  • CTA phrase should start with a verb (Download your e-book today
  • Use a readable font. (Georgia, Inter, Arial, Poppins etc)
  • Give spacing between elements.
  • Optimize for mobile view.
  • Add a powerful testimonial in the hero section tool
  • Flex number of sales.
  • Flex your reputation (popular brands/people you've worked with if any).
  • Add video testimonials.
  • Use a VSL in the hero section.
  • Remove navigation.
  • Stick to 2 or 3 colors on the page. (One for background, one for text and one for highlight)
  • Never use fonts that are not readable or look ugly.
  • Tell the success of your clients in a story format. (Where they were before you + what you did + where they are after you)
  • Use real human face in testimonial section for more social proof.
  • Add your own story (an about me section) why should people trust you.
  • Benefits >> features
  • Be clear and not clever.
  • Don't fake testimonials.
  • Have one purpose.
  • Have one Call-to-action.
  • SaaS? Or coaching? Allow free trials.
  • Use risk reversal (money back guarantee etc)
  • Hero image must be eye catching and relevant to the copy.
  • Use images that resonate with the copy.
  • Don't try to make it perfect
  • First impressions matter - make sure you make your hero section eye catching
  • Colors play an important role.
  • Learn color psychology
    • Red - danger, excitement
    • Blue - calm, cool, trustworthy
    • Orange - positive, caution
    • Green - Growth, positive, secure
  • Add directional clues for your visitor. ( You add an arrow that points towards the Call-to-action button etc)
  • Use a good amount of white space (not too less, not too more)
  • Use Urgency and scarcity (Sale ends in 42 hrs or Offer valid till 24th of April)
And check for inspiration and then prepare your own wireframes
  • Wireframes aren't always necessary but they can help you get an overview of what you're going to make.
  • Publish your site on a custom domain.
  • Repeat your CTA on a long copy.
  • Don't ask for any information you don't need (address etc)
  • Including a form to fill out? Add form labels to make it easy for them to know what to type in! Example:
notion image
  • Avoid adding pop ups on your landing page.
  • Don't use unauthorised images and images/media with copyrights. Go with stock images.
  • Split test your pricing models.
  • Always enable multiple payment options.
  • Add an FAQ sections.
  • Use price strike through technique to show that you're selling on a discount.
notion image
  • Read these Bonus Tips
  • Research your market well.
  • Split test landing page.
  • Don't overcomplicate things.
  • Use psychological biases.
  • Make your testimonial section stand out.
  • Make your customer visualize the results.

64. Killer Value Proposition

Put your offer in a precise and persuasive value proposition.
Answer these questions:
  • "What's in it for me?"
  • "Why this brand?"
  • "What's the benefit?"
Great example: Uber
notion image

65. Create Trust

You need to build the trust that you can deliver your Value Proposition promise.
How to:
  • Show Reviews
  • Have Press Releases
  • Use Logos of well-known companies
Great example: Stripe
notion image

66. Show Social Proof

Social Proof increases Trust and will persuade Users into buying from you.
How to:
  • Show Happy Customers
  • Use Quotes
  • Show Pictures of before&afters
Great example: Purau
notion image

67. Use Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting needs to be appealing, precise and actionable.
How To:
  • Survey customers
  • Understand common pain points & desires
  • Use their slang and language pattern
Great example: Triple Whale
notion image

68. Create the Urgency to act

If you do not get people to act quickly, they'll bounce of the page and you'll never see them again.
How To:
  • "Do XYZ now!"
  • "Limited Stock available"
  • "Today"
Great example: FiberFix funnel
notion image

69. Irresistible Offer

Your offer has to be a no-brainer. People should feel dumb saying "no" to it.
How To:
  • Create insane perceived value
  • Give a guarantee
Great example: Danklokshop
notion image
Do your conversion rate a favor remove all the illustrations from your landing page and put real pics of your product in action instead.~Andrea Bosoni

It’s the CTA (Call to Action) that will drive the conversion

70. Pair it with email capture

If your main call to action is something like “sign up” or “subscribe to the newsletter”.
Pair it with an email capture to make taking the next step as easy as possible.
notion image
notion image

71. Make it responsive

Ensure that your CTAs perfectly fit the screen when viewed on mobile phones.
notion image
notion image

72. Keep it big on mobile/tab

Buttons are often created as small clickable “mouse” friendly links and buttons not meant for human fingers.
But, with mobile traffic on the rise at over 92%, these links and buttons need to be large enough where they are easy to tap with a thumb.
notion image
notion image

73. Don’t Reinvent the wheel

With years of using various devices and products, we have formed a certain expectation of how buttons ought to look, i.e. rectangle with text.
Stick to standards to avoid confusion among the users.
notion image
notion image

74. Don’t forget Hover State

When users hover on a button it should respond to let the users know that it’s clickable.
This also helps in attracting users’ attention towards it.

75. Don’t be too pushy

CTA on every section can be a little pushy. Place CTAs on every 2 to 3 sections.
notion image
notion image

76. Keep it consistent.

Keep the buttons consistent in size, style, and color.
When buttons all look the same, they become visual hooks and make each call-to-action clearer and easy to notice.
Plus, It helps with the overall design aesthetic of a site.
notion image
notion image

77. Include one at the bottom

Landingpages shouldn’t just END.
Place a CTA at the bottom of the page.
Deadend pages can cause confusion and create extra work for the visitors.
notion image
Handle objections in your FAQ section of your landing page to increase conversions.~Dakota Robertson

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Qayyum Rajan

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