21 ad hooks for SaaS from experts that convert

21 ad hooks for SaaS from experts that convert

Your ad hook can make or break your ad spend. If you got the hook, you got the customer. We curated a list of ad hooks from experts that work in converting your SaaS through ads.
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Updated on: 06/08/2022

Why are hooks important for your ads

Steve shares that you should use hooks to make your ads stand out.
To win with ads, you can’t build up to a big reveal.
You need to grab attention right away in the opening seconds of your video.
If the first second doesn’t make someone stop scrolling and watch, it doesn't matter if the fifth or sixth seconds of your video is visually stunning.
One of the best ways to capture attention is to use a hook right at the start of your ads.
This one is kinda obvious….
TikTok is must-use advertising platform for eCommerce businesses this year.
With CPMs and CPAs on Facebook rising more and more, TikTok offers a creative alternative to connect with your target audience.

How to start with hooks today

Revisit the creative you’re currently using on TikTok (or any upcoming campaigns you have planned) and think about how you can create hooks to start your ads.
Now, let’s get to the ad hooks
Mike Richstem shares 17 ad hooks you can steal

1. Social proof

Use this template to create a social proof hook:
See how / Discover how / Learn how + [number] + [target group] + beat / overcame + [pain point] + in just + [time period]
  • See how 5,000+ men beat obesity in just 60 days
  • Discover how 30,000 women became financially independent in just 30 days

2. Stop this, do that

Use this template to create a Stop this, do that hook
Stop doing + [blank], do [blank] instead
  • Stop wasting time scheduling manually, try [product name] instead
  • Stop throwing money on countless gadgets, [product name] replaces them all

3. An improved product

Use this template to create your improved product hook
Finally, + [product] + that won’t / doesn’t + [pain point]
  • Finally, a tweet scheduler that won’t leave you confused
  • Finally, a schedule tool that won’t send your calendar slots

4. A product that actually works

Use this template to create your product that works hook
Finally, + [product] + that actually + [desired action]
  • Finally, an analytics tool that actually is private
  • Finally, a tent that’s actually durable

5. Selling the features

Use this template to create selling your features hook
[Action] + like a PRO
  • Take photos like a PRO (if selling a camera or a smartphone)
  • Chop quickly and safely like a PRO (if selling a kitchen knife)

6. Get rid of a problem

Use this template to create selling your features hook
Get rid of + [pain point] + once and for all with + [adjective] + [product]
  • Get rid of back pain once and for all with our new generation posture corrector
  • Get rid of acne once and for all with our natural skin toner

7. The benefit without the problem

Use this template to create a benefit without the problem hook
Now you can finally + [desired action] + without + [pain point]
  • Now you can finally sleep throughout the night without grinding your teeth
  • Now you can finally lose weight without starving yourself

8. Testimonials

Use this template to create a testimonial hook
How + [product name] + helped me / made me + [desired outcome / action]
  • How this little tool helped me get rid of my headaches
  • How this tea made me lose pounds overnight

9. An improved product

Use this template to create an improved product hook
Imagine + [desired action] + but better
  • Imagine how ice cream tastes like, but better
  • Imagine Legos, but better

10. Statistics

Use this template to create a statistics hook
[percentage] of [target group] struggle with / suffer from + [pain point] + but + [product name] + solves / helps + [time period]
  • 73% of cat owners struggle with broken furniture, but these couch protectors solve the problem overnight
  • 81% of people over 40 suffer from back pain, but this posture corrector helps in just 3 days of using

11. Secret to success

Use this template to create a secret to success hook
This + [product] + is my only secret to + [desired outcome]
  • This lipstick is my only secret to having full lips
  • This kit is the only secret to my pearly white teeth

12. A nostalgic feeling

Use this template to create a nostalgic feeling hook
[product] + will + bring you back to / make you feel like + [time period / place]
  • This game will bring you back to the 90s
  • This gadget will make you feel like a teenager again

13. FOMO discounts

Use this template to create a FOMO discount hook
Get + [percentage] + off if you buy + [date / time]
  • Get 20% off on all purchases until 06/06/22
  • Get 50% off only for the next 24 hours

14. A must-have

Use this template to create a must-have hook
A must-have + [product] + for everyone who + needs / wants to + [desired action]
  • A must-have purse for everyone who wants to carry their whole life inside
  • A must-have game for everyone who needs to relax

15. Selling a unique product

Use this template to create a unique product hook
The only + [product type] + that / with [unique feature]
  • The only jacket with not 2, but 3 faces
  • The only knife that cuts everything but your fingers

16. Tired of this, do that

Use this template to create a tired of this, do that hook
Tired of + [pain point]? [product] + will help / solve
  • Tired of planning your meals every week? Check out our smoothies which come with the right macros and micros
  • Tired of constant back pain? Our posture corrector can help

17. Unbelievable

Use this template to create an unbelievable hook
You will never believe how quickly + [desired action] + with + [product]
  • You will never believe how quickly I lost weight with these all-natural supplements
  • You will never believe how quickly I brushed my hair with this rotating hairbrush

18. Start with a simple statement for your hooks

James analyzed 1,000 viral TikToks. Here are the top ten hooks within them:
For brands, you can use these hooks when working with creators who are making content for your paid ads!
1. If you're looking for ___ 2. X reasons why _____ 3. Are you tired of ___

Danny shares some more hooks that work

19. Share some breaking news

Think like a journalist… share some “breaking news”
VERY similar to writing a sales letter
And tap into the pain points right away…
He defines hooks to be:
  • A unique way of presenting an idea or a twist on something to grab attention.
  • Used in the newsroom/journalism <- study headlines for ideas.
  • Often translates to short-form copy as the first line/overall theme.
Some of the examples of the hooks are:
  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes…
  • What Everyone Gets Wrong About XYZ
  • If You’re Running Ads In 2022, You NEED to See This
  • What Personal Trainers Will Never Tell You
  • Is This the Biggest Health Scam of 2022?

20. Leverage copywriting in your hooks

Copywriting is essential to the success of your ad campaign.
A FB Ad consists of two essential goals/actions:
1. The appealing image or video is usually used to grab users' attention and entertain.
2. Great advertising copy can keep users interested in the ad.
Some of the types of hooks that work on Facebook are:
  • Quotes
  • Contrarian Statement
  • Question
  • Testimonials
  • Parody of quotes

21. Use hooks on creatives

Zach Stuck says when it comes to ad creation here's what we're making and seeing perform well right now:
  • MASSIVE text overlay hooks
  • power quotes (top bar with 3-5 word hook) on your videos
  • new 3-6s hook to your previous top-performing videos
  • native IG text + TikTok comment overlays