How to Use Prowly to Build a PR Campaign and Get >300 Customers (2024)

Check out our guide on growing your business with Prowly, a Digital PR tool with a complete case study and marketing strategy!

How to Use Prowly to Build a PR Campaign and Get >300 Customers (2024)
Prowly is a digital PR tool.
In this post, I will show you how to use Prowly to build an effective PR marketing strategy that will generate at least 300 paying customers for your business in 3-6 months.
Here’s how I will go about it:
  • I will research the best things happen within the PR industry and why it’s still a good fit our 4-5 figure businesses
  • I will research the best features offered by Prowly
  • I will build a marketing case to use Prowly for your business and set objectives
  • I will build a marketing strategy and a marketing plan with a set of activities with Prowly

What’s the current state of PR in the business world?

Here are the biggest challenges faced with PR campaigns from marketing professionals (in order):
  1. Getting journalists to respond
  1. Working on a tight budget
  1. Finding relevant media contacts
  1. Getting top-tier coverage
  1. Demonstrating the value of my work
What can you as a business achieve with an effective PR Campaign:
  1. LOTS of users
  1. Trust and authority in the market
  1. Strong brand perception
What 4-5 figure entrepreneurs find challenging about PR:
  1. “I don't have the budget”
  1. “I don't have the time to learn”
Some businesses that have won big with PR:
  1. McDonald’s We Hire People campaign introduces viewers to many individuals with various cultural backgrounds, passions, and ages. The advertisement shows that McDonald’s doors are open to everyone for employment. These messages are essential in 2023.
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  1. Medstar Media landed 150 Publications and made their Social Campaign for a health related campaign Go Viral
  1. Kamua’s AI Product Launch campaign backed with a strong PR network grabbed them 400 customers overnight
Now that I have a good case that digital PR can get me an explosive growth, let’s check Prowly and how I can potentially use it for a digital PR campaign!

What are some of Prowly features that can be used to build an effective marketing strategy?

For any tool, I look at their differentiation and positioning for their strengths. I then use these strengths to build a strong marketing strategy.
Here are three features from Prowly that I find are game changers for PR (and anyone can do it):
  1. Automated database of PR journalists: This feature helps me with a list that’s pre-built for any relevant journalist sector. This can potentially help me scale quickly and easily!
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      • Nearly 70% of respondents are still using spreadsheets to store their media lists. Keeping media lists up-to-date is crucial for keeping up with journalist changes: now’s the time to consider an automated media database.
        • Minty Digital's main goal was to build effective media lists without spending hours of research. Since journalists switch between agencies and outlets quite often, getting the most accurate information was the biggest challenge they faced. They were pleasantly surprised that Prowly had all the information and data they needed, in one place, without the need to click through hundreds of Google pages verifying whether or not such information was correct.
  1. PR CRM - Pitch Directly from Prowly: This feature will also help me as a non-PR professional build PR campaigns and keep a track of the responses from media agencies and professionals.
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      • Nearly 50% of respondents say they send 1-10 pitches per month, followed by 11-99 (31.9%). Only 4% report sending more than 1000 email pitches per month.
        • Lift sent GDPR-compliant to an updated database in one place and help us distribute press releases to 1000’s of PR agents
  1. Create Press Release and Track News Mentions: I won’t have to waste hours or days to create press releases or track my PR mentions. Prowly will do all of this for me!
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      • Creating a press release that is effective and actually generates results is tough. Building it with multiple PR networks with different goals can become extremely tedious and time-consuming. This is where Prowly can save my business with lots of time!
        • At WSB, we constantly search for effective methods of measuring our PR efforts, just like the whole industry does. Prowly definitely helps us in that department. By knowing how many journalists visit our newsroom or open our email pitches, we can see how effective our PR activities are, draw conclusions from the results, and make changes accordingly.
Now that I know how Prowly can help a business, let me build a marketing case to use Prowly for growing a business.

Building a Marketing case to use Prowly for a Business:

Timeline: 3 - 6 months
Objective: To get a minimum 300 (and this is a conservative figure) paying customers from the campaign
I would go for a monthly Professional Bundle plan to get my activities right.
notion image
I might need this for 1-2 months depending on how fast I can execute my campaigns. I’m also estimating about $2.5k for media outlets to plan and publish my campaigns.
So total costs around $3k per campaign.
  • To get 300 paying customers (can be recurring depending on your business) and assuming a 2% conversion rate, I will need to reach 15,000 leads from my target audience.
  • However, I will go for an extended limit of 30,000 potential leads (what if my landing page is not optimized or I find other paying users beyond my target audience?).
Expected ROI from a Prowly campaign:
To break even for a max budget of $3000 campaign, let’s analyze the pricing point of $20 (most conservative number) per sale for your 300 customers.
  • Anything over a $20 price point is a profit
  • Anything over 150 customers is a profit
  • Any recurring payment going forward is a profit
  • Any upsells or cross sells going forward is a profit
  • Industry trust and exposure will bring you revenue for years to come
To break even for a $5000 budget, let’s analyze the pricing point of $20 per sale for your 300 customers.
  • Anything over 250 customers with $20 price point is a profit
  • Anything over $20 price point is a profit
  • Any recurring payment going forward is a profit
  • Any upsells or cross sells going forward is a profit
  • Industry trust and exposure will bring you revenue for years to come
Note: Calculate your price point, business model, conversion rate, and track the expected ROI for your business.

4 Steps to Building a PR Marketing Strategy with Prowly:

To build an effective marketing strategy with Prowly, I will follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Build a PR campaign strategy

Timeline: 2-4 weeks
I will have to absolutely nail this step to build an effective case for my PR campaign.
  1. What is my Mission: This is the most important part of my entire PR campaign. A good practice I will follow is to have a mission-backed campaign that drives a sense of strong emotion for my target audience.
  1. Who is my Target Audience? My target audience is my end customer. My campaign will be for my target audience. For this campaign, my primary objective is to get sales.
  1. What is my Messaging and Story? This is how I will dive my mission based campaign with my message. Build my story. Build my characters. I will make it as relatable as possible for my target audience.
  1. What is my Content Type: Is it text-based? Is it a YouTube video? Is it a film? Depends on what form of content my target audience consumes and how the content type can drive the most value.
  1. Have a Measurable Impact: What’s the impact from my campaign is trying to create? This has to tie very well with your mission. Having numbers with my campaign will allow my target audience to see them. I will keep these numbers open and allow the world to see my impact.

Step 2: Create a PR Campaign Plan

Timeline: 2 weeks
This will help me build a step-by-step planned activities with timelines to make my PR campaign a success:
  1. Time period: I will track the campaign time period and all the activities I will be performing
  1. Create Content: Create my content and key messaging. This will take some time so I will plan ahead and revise and renew.
  1. Take feedback: I will make sure to have a group of target audience who validate and keep giving me feedback on my campaign and story
  1. Build stories from my customers: I will use this time period to build real life stories and use it in my campaign and story. Do I have an existing customers? Do my customers have a relatable problem that one of my customers can share?
  1. Build interview videos for my campaigns: I will use videos to make it real. My objective is to bring out strong emotions from my campaigns.

Step 3: Build a List of Relevant PR Partners

Timeline: 1 Month
I will start using Prowly here. I will go mad at building my PR list at this stage.
  1. Identify my Target Audience: I will create and build a list of PR professionals that targets my audience type. For example, if I’m selling a SaaS to developers, I will target media outlets for developers. With my Prowly paid plan, I will have the ability to reach out to 3000 media professionals but I will focus on making an strong and committed partnership with 30 that will do the job for me.
  1. Size of the agents: I will also factor in and estimate the size of reach my agents can provide. Most likely to reach my goal of about 15,000 new leads, I will be on the safe side to plan for about 115,000 impressions on my campaigns. This will give me about 10% impression to lead conversion
  1. Conversion-focused audience: I will factor in that my media partners reach out to my target audience that matches my segmentation and positioning. For example, if my campaign is for new developers with 1-4 years of experience, I will look to create a campaign with media outlets who can reach to them.
  1. Build a supportive group: While I build new PR relationships, I will also build my non-PR list of existing customers, followers, email lists, and my network of connections, friends etc. This will help them prepare when the campaign is launched and I need their all important support of a ‘share’
  1. Build Press Release: While on the paid plan with Prowly, I will build my press-release materials. Ideally, every media partnership will have a press release tailored per their style. I will work closely with my media partners on creating these

Step 4: Launch, Promote, and Scale

Timeline: 1 Month
Now the all important launch is here. I will continue to build the hype with my list to keep them ready during launch.
  1. Build an incentive offer during the campaign: Who doesn’t like an offer? I will create a coupon and provide it during the campaign. This will help my leads take action and buy my product. This will be specifically only during the campaign
  1. PH Launch: I will prepare a PH launch in parallel around my campaign. This will act as a secondary PR source that will bring me added users and lots of visibility
  1. Customer Email List: I will publish my campaign to my email lists and all my leads. I will showcase my industry authority and build trust to create more sales. I will also use my social media to build this campaign in public
  1. Case Studies and Blogs Badges: I will build my case studies from the PR campaigns and include all the relevant badges with Featured on from my publications. This will instantly give me tons of backlinks to build on while generating trust and authority for all my future leads
  1. Scale Campaign with Ads: When my campaign is successful with around 300 customers, I will use the profits from my campaigns and run paid ads to similar audience from my customers. This will allow my campaign to run longer while continuing to build my sales pipeline
There you have it! Although creating a successful PR campaign takes a lot of learnings, having an experienced PR agency do it for you can help generate the most ROI.
Remember, a PR campaign can run through years. While this is short-lived, identify ways you can repurpose your PR campaign to create content stories for years to come. Continue to build stories, blog posts, e-books, guides trainings, and case studies to scale your content efforts and your business revenue and growth.
Here is exactly how I will use Prowly to build a PR campaign for my business.

Let me tell you, I love my coffee. Just like the world of coffee, marketing is a journey of constant discovery. Embrace your coffee-fueled passion for growth, and let MailerLite be the caffeine that propels you to new heights!
P.S. I have included the affiliate link for Prowly in the post. In case you plan to use and deploy it for your business, I get to enjoy some more special coffee at no additional costs to you.

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