Growing your Business with MailerLite: An Actionable Email Marketing Strategy (2024)

Check out our guide on growing your business with MailerLite, an email marketing tool with a complete case study and marketing strategy!

Growing your Business with MailerLite: An Actionable Email Marketing Strategy (2024)
MailerLite is an email marketing tool.
In this post, I will show you how to use MailerLite to build an effective email marketing strategy that will generate at least 25 paying customers for your business in 3-6 months.
Here’s how I will go about it:
  • I will research the best features offered by MailerLite
  • I will build a marketing case to use MailerLite for your business and set objectives
  • I will build a marketing strategy and a marketing plan with a set of activities with MailerLite
But Wait! I first need to brew a nice cup of lip-smacking coffee. And then get onto my research.
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Alright, I’m back with my coffee and research! Look at this. Lip-smacking, right?
Now that my creative sense are churning like the best coffee beans, let’s get right into it!

What are some of the best features offered by MailerLite?

From my research, I understand that MailerLite differentiates at these 3 things: I always see how a marketing tool is different. It’s best to utilize a tool on their strength.
  1. Lead Capture through websites, sign up forms, iPad event captures, and built-in email verification
  1. Build Automated Workflows (Use Transaction Emails)
  1. Sell Products via Email Integrations

Building a Marketing Case for using MailerLite to Grow a Business

Timeline: 3-6 months
Objective: To get a minimum 25 (and this is a conservative figure) recurring paying customers from the campaign

Identifying the Costs involved:

  • Although a free plan will work, I would go for a monthly Growing Business plan to get my activities right
    • Picking a $25/ month pricing plan for MailerLite
      Picking a $25/ month pricing plan for MailerLite
  • To get 25 recurring paying customers and assuming a 2% conversion rate, I will need to have a list of 1250 free subscribers. However, I will go for an extended limit of 2500 customers (what if I get a higher number of free users than planned).
  • For a period of 3-6 months, this will cost me $75 - $150. I will again go here for an upper limit of $150
Additional Costs (optional):
  • $99 for Ahrefs
  • Development cost for free tools ($299)
Total Costs: $150-$500 depending on your business type.
Expected ROI:
To break even for a max budget of $500 budget, let’s analyze the pricing point of $20 per sale for your 25 customers.
  • Anything over a $20 price point is a profit
  • Anything over 25 customers is a profit
  • Any recurring payment going forward is a profit
  • Any upsells or cross sells going forward is a profit
To break even for a $150 budget, let’s analyze the pricing point of $20 per sale for your 25 customers.
  • Anything over 6 customers with $20 price point is a profit
  • Anything over $20 price point is a profit
  • Any recurring payment going forward is a profit
  • Any upsells or cross sells going forward is a profit

My Marketing Strategy and Plan of Action to use MailerLite for a Business

Here’s what I will do to grow a business with MailerLite:

Step 1: Build a Freebie and use MailerLite to Collect Leads

This is the first step to build an effective email strategy. My best idea of a freebie is a free tool that is solving a specific problem for your target audience.
Here are some ideas:
  • Use a keyword research tool Ahrefs to build a free tool with keywords that have a decent volume (around 1k visitors per month) and DR<20. (Ahrefs will cost you $99 per month and should do the trick to identify my best tool within the month’s pricing)
  • Use the MailerLite iPad Subscribe app to take advantage of offline opportunities and collect subscribers in person, such as trade shows or in-store signups. I will capture my leads during customer research when I meet a set of target customers in person
  • Use the tried and tested free resource on Canva and use MailerLite website to capture lead forms. I will look online in forums to identify the most pressing pain points that can be solved with a digital resource
I will test all the three options above for a month and see what’s winning. Then double-down on that.

Step 2 is to create an email marketing cadence.

This would be based on what works best for me and my audience. Here is where I will plan all my sequences and automations.
I will first segment my subscriber list for personalized campaigns. Most likely they fall under 4 buckets that I discuss in Step 3.
But for the campaigns:
  • I will associate my product with a mission. I will then send a monthly newsletter to my entire list on the impact created through this mission.
    • This is like a free PR to everyone associated with your business.
  • If my product is eCommerce, I will create automations based on the user activity
  • If my product is info-based or coaching program, I will create automations based on my customer’s learning journey

Step 3 is to design the email content that targets my buyers pain points.

I will design build, and write my Automated Workflows (Use Transaction Emails)
Make sequences and segments based on where my customer is.
My customer will most likely fall under these 4 buckets:
  1. Freebie: They have given me their email but have not purchased yet.
    1. My goal here is to convert them to a free trial
    2. I will bring awareness to your customer’s pain points and problems
    3. I will share free case studies and education resources
    4. I will share value with a free trial
  1. Free Trail: They have given a test run of your product.
    1. My goal here is to covert them to a paid user
    2. I will bring interest in the solutions to solving their pain points
    3. I will stress on how the solutions will impact their business
    4. I will share success stories and testimonials
  1. Paid User: They have taken a paid subscription plan.
    1. My goal here is to help them maximize the value of my product
    2. I will provide success stories of past clients
    3. I will use transaction emails to understand if the user is able to create an impact with your product
    4. I will send them offers and gifts for them to continue feeling special
    5. I will use MailerLite’s integration features of eCommerce or Stripe payments to make sales from emails
  1. Retention User: They have paid you more than once.
    1. My goal here is to keep them for the next 12 months or move them to an Annual plan
    2. I will create gamifications on aha moments with transaction emails
    3. I will continue to share the product’s impact on their business
    4. I will continue to ask for feedback on improvement

Step 4: I will Optimize and Tweak my Campaigns and make Continuous Improvements

Although reporting is not the strongest asset with MailerLite, it is enough to give me basic details on how my campaigns are performing.
I won’t go high on detailed reporting but will focus only on a few key metrics:
  • I will look to improve my email open rates by 7% - 15%.
    • A/B test subject lines for the perfect espresso shot of curiosity.
    • Add a dash of storytelling to my content – it's the crema on top
  • I will look to increase my click-through rates by 5% - 10%.
    • Sprinkle interactive elements like quizzes and polls for a frothy user experience
    • I will embrace the magic of gifs – they're the latte art of digital communication
    • I will make some bold statements to help my customers with my products to get them hooked and waiting like a french press machine dripping with yummy espresso
  • I will look to move as many emails to a primary inbox as possible
    • I will encourage email replies
    • I will ask the users to move me to Primary
    • I will use MailerLite’s verified email list feature to get verified captures only

Step 5 is to aim for a 2-5% conversion rate of your paid plan from the entire list

  • I will encourage Communications from the subscribers in my emails
  • I will build a strong CTA’s and a solid landing page copy on my product
  • I will build a strong social proof for my product from the same target audience
  • I will build demo calls and product tours
  • I will focus on the Paid Emails and Retention emails copy to see what’s working
  • If I am in profits, I will scale this by deploying Facebook Custom Audience feature from MailerLite and run ads for this exact type of Target audience
  • I will analyze my campaign results and celebrate my wins – coffee and accomplishments are best enjoyed together!

There you have it!
Here is exactly how I will use MailerLite to build an acquiring channel and retention channel for your business.
Let me tell you, just like the world of coffee, marketing is a journey of constant discovery. Embrace your coffee-fueled passion for growth, and let MailerLite be the caffeine that propels you to new heights!
P.S. If you have any coffee-related anecdotes or similes that add flavor to our journey, hit the reply button and share them with me.
P.P.S. I have included the affiliate link for MailerLite in the post. In case you plan to use and deploy it for your business, I get to enjoy some more special coffee at no additional costs to you.

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Qayyum Rajan
Qayyum Rajan

Qayyum (”Q”) is a serial builder with more than 5 startups to his name with 3 exits. He specializes in shipping products fast, and early with an focus on driving traffic across the marketing funnels