Jotform Price Review: How I Made 793% ROI in 3 Days (2024)

Check out our detailed guide on Jotform Price Review and how Jotform keeps your business operations running with profits.

Jotform Price Review: How I Made 793% ROI in 3 Days (2024)
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There are only a few versatile tools out there in the market like Jotform. A big proof is an existing 10 million+ client base, serving all kinds of business. A big reason for this is Jotform price and its ability to let you run an entire business operation on its own. Yes, that's how powerful the Jotform tool is.
Note: This post is not sponsored by the company. The review is based on my personal experience as a direct customer of the product. Also, there are affiliate links in this post that would redirect you to purchase the plan. If you do intend to buy the paid plan of Jotform, I would receive a small part of the commission at no additional cost to you.
Jotform is an online form-maker that performs automated business operations from the data received on form submission. It has 10,000+ ready-made templates to build forms, 100+ integrations, and 400+ widgets, allowing you to automate an entire business and all its processes. Know more about Jotform If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

What is Jotform used for?

Before we talk about why the price of Jotform is a no-brainer, let's look at what Jotform can do for you:

How Jotform can really work for you, starting NOW?

Jotform allows you to make money by providing a seamless integration of payment service providers like PayPal. Your forms can be customized i.e. you can create forms that suit your business requirements.
For example, if you run a consulting business, you can create a form that automatically sets up your meeting process along with the payment.
Having the ability to customize the form design template can help you create a landing page.
This landing page:
  • takes user input
  • creates customized orders for your customers
  • helps process the payment
  • sends automated emails to help you have a complete end-to-end business system on its own.
And of course, this is just one use-case.

Who uses Jotform?

Businesses of any size can crush it with JotForm! Jotform has scaled to businesses and organizations of all kinds. Its flexible widgets and integrations allow you to design a user journey that is customized for your business needs.
Jotform is perfect for:
  • solopreneurs
  • entrepreneurs
  • creators
  • online businesses
  • SMBs
  • medium-sized organizations
  • large-scale enterprises.
Jotform also has a lot of non-profits and educational institutions using it powerfully and efficiently every day!

Here are some examples of businesses winning with Jotform

Example use-case 1: The Pitch uses Jotform forms to analyze 500+ startup applications for 25 data points!

The Pitch, has a mission to get 3,000+ startups investment-ready each year, The Pitch helps startups in all sectors and funding stages improve business skills, network with like-minded people, build confidence, and secure investment.
JotForm’s simple interface, design elements, and customization options give The Pitch total flexibility when building forms.
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The Pitch primarily uses Jotform to handle applications. The program currently gets about 500 applications every year.
Each application includes approximately 25 data points, such as why the startup should work with The Pitch and details about its market demand.
The information is essential and helps The Pitch decide who should get shortlisted for the program.

Example use-case 2: Jotform is streamlining orders for this busy Bay area cupcake store

Jen created a cake order form with Jotform that lets her customers choose delivery window slots, upload custom decoration images, make special dietary requests, add candles or handmade cards, and ask any additional questions they might have.
And it’s all embedded straight onto her website.
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She found she could also use Jotform for other operational needs, like collecting job applications, scheduling wedding tastings, booking catering gigs, and as a purchase form that customers can use for special deals.
Regardless of the form type, all the information collected is neatly stored in her Jotform account.

Example use-case 3: Jotform has helped increase a California-based workout company business by at least 50 percent

Over dinner with a cousin and his wife, Alex set up and embedded an order form created by Jotform directly onto the company website that allows customers to make a purchase or request a customized piece of equipment.
The impact has been huge. He gets email notifications when someone submits the form, all of the order details are easier to sort, and the form makes it easier for people to select the exact item they want.
Plus, as Alex says, using a real form adds a sense of legitimacy that BeastMetals sorely needed online.
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Another huge benefit to adding a Jotform form to the BeastMetals site is that Jotform forms are responsive, meaning anyone who sees a piece of BeastMetals equipment out in the real world can use their phone to purchase their own right there on the spot.
Jotform not only simplified the ordering process for Alex and BeastMetals, but also for his customers.

My personal story with Jotform: How I hosted an online summit and had >793% returns in 3 days!

I heard about Jotform on a review site similar to this. My primary reason was to look for FREE software, that could help me create a calculation-based points quiz for my WordPress website.
When I found that Jotform could perform all those complex calculations for each question and the different answers, I absolutely LOVED it!
The Quiz turned out so good that it was organically ranked 1st on Google search for 7-8 months. I have built an email list of more than 1250 email newsletter subscribers with Jotform.
I also happened to host a Global Online Summit. The PayPal integration allowed me to easily create a form and accept donations for the Summit.
My form saw a participation f nearly 54 and donations worth ~$800. I purchased a paid plan for the year for just ~$110 (there was an offer going on). That's close to 700% returns from a 3-day online event plus a community that is still nurtured with a high Life Time Value (LTV).

Three reasons that Jotform price is a no-brainer:

Now that we have looked at multiple case studies and ways Jotform is an incredibly customized tool for your business need, there are three major reasons why Jotform is powerful:
  1. You can create any business or operation
  1. It is highly customized with apps and integrations
  1. Customer Service and support resources are the best!
Let's dive a little deeper to understand the three points:

You can create any forms for any business

Jotform's robust forms allow organizations of any kind to adapt and use them to their advantage. The forms are trusted by over 10 Million+ customers ranging from non-profits, educational institutions, small businesses, and enterprises.
It's a simple and straightforward tool that powers your business with data and automation.
Here are some of the ways Jotform Price is justified by users in various fields:

This Advertising Creative Director is receiving 10,000+ form submissions for a Giveaway

Patrick has slowly, over the years, started doing more contests and giveaways for his readers and needed more submissions/forms. He enjoys using Jotform so much.
Now with his last contest, "PartyPalooza Giveaway", their biggest ever with 24 days of prizes given away to their readers, they got a flood of submissions prompting his boss to authorize him to purchase a larger plan with Jotform.
They now receive over 10,000 submissions with Unlimited forms.
"Best bang for the buck! I would first tell advertisers how easy it is to set up and use. I would then tell them that Jotform seems to be a responsive company to growing needs by updating the site over the years. Plus I love how easy it is to download an Excel file for our office manager to handle all our submissions!" - Patrick Burnett, Creative Director

This financial consultant is having more conversions from Jotform data inputs

Nick works in a small, focused niche of the financial industry and uses multiple platforms to drive traffic to their website.
Once they get a visitor, they rely on Jotform forms to capture information (including name, phone, email) from their interested visitors. Jotform did the best job in getting accurate information from its website visitors.
As they received accurate data from the forms (specifically phone numbers), they could generate more sales. They've seen a good increase in conversions since they converted to Jotform!
"If you have a website and a need to capture your visitors' information, Jotform is the easiest thing to use to accomplish that goal. Whether you are capturing their name, phone, and email or just their email address, you can easily integrate Jotform and get more conversions." - Nick Drzayich, Vendor Relations

This eye care e-commerce company is drastically saving time and reducing transcribing errors with Jotform

The company provides mobile eye care and eyeglasses to elderly and home-bound patients. Their mobile eye doctors are now inputting eyeglasses information directly into a Jotform from their iPhones.
This is being sent directly to their lab for processing. This form is replacing their paper order form, drastically saving time and reducing transcribing errors.
Before Jotform they had to transcribe patient eyeglasses orders, wait for the orders to be hand-delivered, and doctors frequently forgot to take measurements. Now they have eliminated transcribing errors.
The required fields eliminate forgetful mistakes, and their orders are delivered in real-time. The fabrication process has instantly become streamlined with a single software!
"Adding technology to your business doesn't always make your life easier. But any business where data needs to be collected will be made easier with Jotform. It's simple, quick, & effective. I recommend Jotform without reservation." ~ Vincent Calderon, Mobile Eye Doctor

This student affairs professional is impressing her colleagues with quick and easy Jotforms and its analytics

She uses Jotform to get applications, reservations, change logs, requests, & acceptances. Getting constant e-mails with random information for requests to use various spaces that did not provide all of the information got her frustrated.
She has impressed so many of her colleagues by being able to quickly and easily create a Jotform for their many needs. She'll be sitting in a meeting about a form needed and literally in minutes later, she's able to e-mail them a sample, professional Jotform of exactly what was just discussed.
Similarly, she is able to send out & analyze results with the click of a button because Jotform does the work for her. It saves me so much time & headache! In the world of education with low salaries & pay cuts happening every day, Jotform is the main place I look to help me work smarter not harder.
"I recommend Jotform at least 2-3 times per week. My colleagues now joke with me that I always say "And, there's a Jotform for that!" I can always find a reason or way to use Jotform to get us the data we need. I now have multiple colleagues who have Jotform accounts & swear by it. Once they use it, they immediately fall in love with it!!" ~ Moe Bates, Student Affairs Professional

This online entrepreneur is creating multiple forms for his blogs and websites

Sammie has multiple websites, but the one he is using Jotform for, is his online business venture. He had been working on a registration form for a new web hosting accounts for a long time. He tried numerous html/php templates, but customizing them was a real pain.
Jotform allowed him to experiment with various formats/templates etc, so he could concentrate on the user experience and not worry about the technical complexities.
"Jotform is an incredible tool to create web forms for your blogs and websites. Just try it once, and you will not look further!" ~ Sammie, Online Entrepreneur

This travel consultant is booking cruises with Jotform

Scott uses Jotform to create all types of forms for his travel agency from contacting them to paying a deposit on a cruise.
He loves the unlimited form fields. In making booking forms for group cruises, sometimes you need a form to have as many as 4 passengers and all their pertinent data. This can't be done with only 20 fields.
"Webform is one important part of any business and especially when they can be crisp and clear. Jotform helped me achieve this. I like the plain-looking templates; I think they fit better with my website. But, if I wanted a colorful template for my form, I could do that too." ~ Scott Irish, Travel Consultant

This design agency is reducing steps in the conversion funnel with Jotform

They use Jotform for web design outlines, recurring bill payments, brand & identity evaluations, for logo and print marketing order forms as well as tiny subscriber forms integrated with MailChimp and Zoho CRM accounts.
Jotform has helped them achieve results by gathering the necessary details for design projects they perform like web design outlines and SEO Forms. They are able to create 2-in-1 contract and order forms which reduce the steps in the conversion funnel.
By use of colorful tabs embedded on their pages, they have increased subscribers and page visits by setting conditions based on input provided. Jotform is simply necessary for business owners and agencies.
"I recommend clients to use Jotform and provide tutorials with screenshots as well as form management services. I design for friends as well and I tell them that Jotform has everything needed for creating unique forms for any data needed or orders taken." ~ Ivy Rockhead, Web Designer

It is highly customized with integrations

The biggest benefit of adding a Jotform to your operations is its integrations. Jotform price is justified with allowing automation done smoothly with its numerous API integrations.
Here are some amazing integration possible with Jotform:
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Analytics and Reporting

You can make the most of your data by tracking conversion rates, poll or survey results, submission locations, and more with Jotform's free Analytics & Reporting apps!
With options to view data in charts, calendars, or tables, you can choose the format that works best for you — and enjoy a simpler way to analyze form results and improve your business.
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Your business can scale with automation. You can extend your operations with these free automation integrations to connect your Jotform forms with hundreds of other apps.
Once you’ve set up your chosen integration in a few easy clicks, you can sync form submissions and file uploads to other platforms automatically — cutting out manual data entry and saving you time.
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Email Marketing: Update your email lists with relevant subscriber's data directly

Your email marketing services make it easy for companies to manage their email campaigns, newsletter subscribers, and more. JotFfrm offers free integrations with popular email marketing services that will automatically add new contacts to your email lists.
You can get started by just picking your preferred email marketing app and connect it to your Jotform account. When users submit their email addresses through your custom online forms, you’ll instantly see the information appear in your email lists!
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CRM Integration

Improve customer relationships by seamlessly adding new contacts, deals, or tags to your CRM system! Just integrate your contact or lead gen form with one of the CRM apps below to sync submissions to your sales pipeline.
By adding new contacts automatically, you’ll spend less time entering data manually and more time closing the next big deal for your company.
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Payment Integration

You can collect debit or credit card payments, ACH payments, e-check payments, and more with their range of Payment Processor Integrations!
Just choose your favorite payment gateway, add it to your online order form, donation form, or payment form, and embed the form in your website or share it with a link to start receiving payments.
You have the ability to boost your business and get paid online with Jotform’s payment processor integrations — which charge no additional transaction fees.
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Data Management Integration

You can instantly sync form submissions to your other accounts with Jotform’s free Data Management integrations.
Whether you’re sending new tasks to project management boards, analyzing results in your favorite spreadsheet app, or automating what happens to the data you receive, our range of free data management apps can help you get the job done — no coding required!
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Customer Service and Support Resources is valuable enough for the Jotform Price

The biggest reason I am a happy paying customer is its customer service. When you do become a customer (even if you're a free account), you will feel high involvement, as a part of the Jotform family.
I have felt heard, seen, safe, and served with an open heart, not as a transaction, with multiple direct email support, from the amazing Jotform customer service team!
Here are some ways in which Jotform offers a premium with respect to customer service:

Direct Support with Email:

Jotform has some superstar customer service representatives, who are actively on the lookout to help you through email.
I love that the response from the Jotform support team is always solution-based and actionable, so in case you ask for something, consider it done!
And, in record time! Check below how my form was activated after expiry in less than an hour. Highly impressive!
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The biggest competitive advantage Jotform has is its community forum. As there are plenty of use-cases that Jotform could provide and support, the Jotform customer representatives, help you in customized ways, and create online forums and threads.
Jotform answers is active and available 24*7 and questions and answers are updated every second by the community.
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So next time you're thinking of a complex program calculation for your form, you already would have a solution. Here is one of my questions that were answered promptly by the Jotform community.
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Jotform has an amazing content team that publishes regular content and blog on how to best use the product. You could also subscribe to the Jotform newsletter to stay updated with all the regular blog posts, success stories, advice, latest guides, and new features.
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Video: The Jotform YouTube Channel

Too lazy to read? Checkout this amazing video resource on YouTube for any form of your liking.
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User Guide

All the Jotform features come up with a super-detailed user guide. So next time you're scratching your brains to program a complex calculation for your form, know that you have a simple step-by-step resource to follow!
For example, here is a simple resource screenshot to create a form with a file uploader. Notice the level of breadcrumbs that get you a detailed customized response:
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Jotform price is a no-brainer for its numerous features

Create Forms:

You can simply create any form for any requirement to collect any kind of data. If you need to create great-looking web forms quickly, a Form Builder is the best tool for the job. You can simply drag & drop questions and form fields to where you need them.
Play with the colors and structure of your forms to create a form that resonates with your branding and messaging.
You can check a detailed user guide to create different types of forms here.

Share Forms

This is the most desired feature personally for me in Jotform. It's embedding feature helps me to simply copy and paste a generated code on any page of my website. You can also simply share the link to get started with getting your responses.
You also have the ability to publish the form in multiple third-party publishing applications. Some of the names are Wordpress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Drupal, Facebook, Ghost, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Squarespace, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix, and many more...
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The embed options come in multiple ways:

Javascript code:

A simple one-line javascript code that can be added to any web page.

Source code:

If you'd like to geek through your coding skills, you can also use the full source code


If you copy the iFrame code correctly, almost nothing can break the form on your page! Since the form is displayed inside an iFrame, it will not conflict with anything on your page

Form Emails

Another powerful feature is the form emails. You can set up email alerts and autoresponders for your web forms. You have the ability to:

Setup email notifications for yourself

every time a form is filled. You will be able to get emails whenever you receive a response from your web forms including checking them out from almost anywhere. You can also send notifications to multiple people in your team

You can set up an auto-responder email

If you want an instant, pre-written reply, or you want the submitters to get a copy of the data they have submitted on your form, then you can set up an autoresponder email. You can also send auto-responder emails immediately or with a customized delay

You can remove STMP from your forms

You might create forms for your clients or organizations, or you might send Autoresponder emails to people who fill the forms.
Removing Jotform branding from these emails and having the emails sent from your own address is necessary, and STMP can do that for you. You can also use your Gmail account as your email is sent via SMTP

You can attach digital files to emails

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to send supplemental information to your students or a business that wants to automatically send a digital product to new mailing list contacts, this feature will come in handy

Send a different email based on your user's answers via email conditions

For example, if your form has an option to choose different products or services, you can send different emails based on your user's answers

Send dynamic content and subject lines

You can send emails with your form inputs. For example, you can customize a customer's order email based on his form selection with his name, address, product, and other details.

Manage Forms

You can view your form submissions

Your form has been getting lots of responses, and you need a central place to manage all the submissions (view, edit, print, flag, delete, download as Excel and CSV files, among many other features).
You can export all your form submission data to an excel sheet or export all your data at once. You can also update, edit, delete, limit, and assign status to form submissions

Search a form submission

You can search for any specific submissions.
For example, you can search for form submission from "John Snow" or you want to find submissions that were sent on a specific date or you want to display submissions from people who answered "Yes" to a particular survey question. Jotform search can help you do all of that!

Group multiple forms into different folders

You can add, group, and even further organize your Forms into newly created Folders for a cleaner look.
This is expected as your account gains more forms that you build so this will help you so that you can find them easily.

View incomplete payments o your form submissions

If a user successfully completes a payment on your form, this will be posted as a valid payment submission.
However, if a user’s payment wasn’t successful — because their payment method was declined or they closed the browser before the payment was completed, etc. — this will be logged as an Incomplete Payment.

Setup Salesforce integration

If you use Salesforce to track your CRM, the Jotform Salesforce integration is updated. You can enjoy diverse functionality within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Reports and Analytics

Your form submissions require you to analyze your responses. Jotform’s reporting and analytics help you perform all the data analytics to help you evolve your business.

Import Your Excel/CSV File Data to Create a Visual Report

Visual Reports doesn't have to be just for the submitted data on your forms. With the Import Data feature of the new Jotform Report Builder, you can now generate visual reports with data from your Excel or CSV file. You can also download form submissions as Excel/CSV/PDF.

Create your visual report

With the Jotform Report Builder, you can easily generate eye-catching visual reports that are based on your submission data.
It allows you to create and generate bar graphs, pie charts, form submissions grids, and HTML texts and images. You can also create an excel report.

Share your visual report

The report builder is as easy as building and embedding your form. The visual report can be a part of your website or downloadable as a PDF copy.
This is also available to access offline or to print. You can also download and print the visual report. You can embed the visual report anywhere!

Custom Domains

You can create a custom URL on a custom domain for your Jotform.

Create custom domains for your enterprise

If your website is, and you want to use subdomain for your forms, you can set custom domains.

Create a custom url for your form

Custom Form URL is useful if you want to publish your form using the direct URL and want to put a custom name on it.
You can add your own form name at the end of the URL along with your Jotform Username.

Form Payments

This is by far the biggest reason why so many people choose to use Jotform. Sending online payments is here to stay. Fortunately, collecting online payments is one of the strongest parts of Jotform service. It is no longer a tedious process to set up a payment form.
Services, such as Square, PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap,, etc., allow you to collect payments from your websites. What they don't provide is integrated order forms where you can ask any kind of questions to your customer.

Create a payment form with a purchase order

The Purchase Order payment tool allows you to create payment forms without payment vendor integration. In other words, no actual payments will be processed.

Create Order form

An Order form lets you grow a customer base, see your purchase funnel, conversion rates, and much more.

Integrate Stripe with Jotform

As one of the leading payment gateways on the market, Stripe offers a checkout service that can be integrated with Jotform, just like the Stripe payment gateway itself.

Integrate PayPal with Jotform

Jotform’s PayPal Business integration makes it easy for you to expand your business to different parts of the world and meet the needs of 21st-century buyers who rely on digital wallets and other payment methods to make purchases.

Generate an invoice for your payment form

Jotform now offers a way for form owners to generate an invoice for their payment forms. Aside from saving time looking for alternatives and workarounds, this also greatly reduces the costs involved with paying third-party invoice providers.

Manage Product Stocks in Payment Fields

Stock management is essential in business. It helps you keep track of your stocks in real-time, prevent excess stock and product shortages, reduce human effort, and ultimately improve your business.

Sell Products (or) Subscriptions (or) Collect Donations with Jotform

Do you want to sell single/multiple items, collect subscriptions, or get donations online via an online form? You've come to the right place to do that. You can even collect payments from your Facebook Page.

Setup Recurring Payment

You can set up a recurring donation in your form using any of the payment tools.
Let’s say your magazine site sells subscriptions, and you want to allow users to make payments periodically, but you don’t want to bother them to come back to your site and fill out the form each month. Or, let’s assume you run a charity site, and you need recurring payments from donors.


Jotform has been making collecting payments through online forms easy for its users. And one of the most popular Payment Processing Apps that Jotform has available is Authorize.Net.

Integrate PayU Money with Jotform

PayU Money is India’s payment gateway offering online payments with credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. The company serves merchants from all over the world. PayU Money offers faster payments with the best success rates.

Integrate Square with Jotform

Jotform has been supporting Square Recurring payment since January 2019. You can collect your subscriptions and recurring payments by using Jotform with Square.

Add Product Categories

With Jotform, you have the best way to sell your products and services through their forms. Form creators can also categorize their products for efficient operations.

Add Taxes to your forms

Jotform's payment integrations allow you to add sales tax to the products you sell, whether tangible or not.

Perform Calculations to a payment field

Whether you have a simple or complex calculation using the Form Calculation Widget on your form, you can now pass the calculated total to your payment field.

Add Coupon Codes

Jotform Payment forms are now capable of using COUPON CODES as another payment option. This guide will show you how to add the Coupon Code in addition to the other options that are already available in the Payment Form.

Create sub-products based on product selection

There are times when you offer a product with multiple variants, and you want your customers to choose many of them. Instead of creating a separate product entry for each variant, Jotform can automatically create sub-products for you.

Add shipping costs to payment

With Jotform's shipping feature, you may now specify a cost for shipping each item or set a weight value for each item.

Analyzing Jotform Price Plans and how you can leverage to sky-rocket your returns!

Jotform is awesome. You can create form for any business, you can scroll through my personal story with JotForm as a customer, its multiple integrations and its quick support.
I'm sure you've got many questions related to Jotform pricing and that's the reason you're reading this exhaustive Jotform price review ;). Finally, let's get to it.

Jotform has the following pricing models:

This is last updated on April 2023.
Jotform Pricing Plans: Updated April, 2023.
Jotform Pricing Plans: Updated April, 2023.
Let's check all the features and all you can do from each plan.

Jotform Price Review: FREE Plan

Jotform has a free plan that allows you to have a complete feel of its usability and application. It is completely free with no credit card details required. You can simply sign-up, and start creating and publishing your forms.

What can you do with the Jotform free plan?

You can create 5 different forms, with a maximum of 1000 unique form views, 100 form submissions, and 10 payments. You also have total submission storage of 500 forms. This form comes with Jotform branding and no HIPPA compliance.

Who is the Jotform free plan for?

Anyone who is getting started with any kind of online business, or would like to test out a use-case to find out if Jotform is the right bet for you.
If you're a consultant, or a freelancer, or someone who just needs around 100 leads a month, you can entirely automate your business end to end with the Jotform free plan.
If you require a larger dataset as an input, you can test if your use-case fits well through the Jotform application before jumping to a paid plan.
Subscribe to the free plan now!

Jotform Price Review: Bronze Plan

This is the payment plan I am currently subscribed to. The Bronze plan is $39 monthly or $34/ month if you buy the annual plan. That comes around to an upfront payment of $408 for the year.
If your requirement is short-term, one-off, or not recurring, I'd suggest you go for the monthly plan. However, if you see your form staying active for the long term, or for recurring-based businesses, I would highly recommend going for the annual plan.
It has automatic credit card payment plans available. You can also pay through PayPal, Stripe, and many other payment service providers.

What can you do with the Jotform Bronze plan?

You can do a lot! You can create 25 different forms, with a maximum of 10,000 unique form views, 1,000 form submissions, and 100 payments.
You also have unlimited form submission storage. This form comes without Jotform branding and no HIPPA compliance.

Who is the Jotform Bronze Plan for?

If you're a creator or a small-sized business and are running an active list (or) taking form inputs that are recurring and require thousands data inputs on an ongoing basis (monthly), this plan is perfect for you.
For example, I use this plan to create a lead generation list that has seen more than 1197 email signups! This plan would mostly seem fit for marketing and other outreach purposes.
Subscribe to the Bronze plan now!

Jotform Price Review: Silver Plan

The Silver plan is $49 monthly or $39/ month if you buy the annual plan. That comes around to around an upfront payment of $468. If your requirement is short term, one-off or not recurring, I'd suggest you go for the monthly plan.
However, if you see your form staying active for the long term, or for recurring based businesses, I would highly recommend going for the annual plan.
It has an automatic credit card payment plans available. You can also pay though PayPal, Stripe and many other payment service providers.

Who is the Jotform Silver Plan for?

For companies that are dealing with multiple forms in their business operations. This form would likely help you add and process data in your own business operations. Agencies can also use this form as input for their various operations.
Even stores that seem high volume and have a lot of different types of orders can process their operations with the Jotform Silver Plan. If you're a creator that sees more than 1000 people interacting with a form, this plan would be perfect for you!

Jotform Price Review: Gold Plan

The price for Jotform Gold plan is $129 monthly or $99/ month if you buy the annual plan. That comes around to around an upfront payment of $1188.
If your requirement is short-term, one-off, or not recurring, I'd suggest you go for the monthly plan. However, if you see your form staying active for the long term, or for recurring based businesses, I would highly recommend going for the annual plan.
It has an automatic credit card payment plans available. You can also pay though PayPal, Stripe and many other payment service providers

Jotform Price Review: Enterprise Plan

Jotform takes extra care of your enterprise:
notion image
Let's answer some of your burning FAQs about Jotform price:

How much does Jotform cost?

Jotform has a total of 5 plans that differs with the number of forms and form submissions.
  • The Jotform FREE Plan is free.
  • The Jotform BRONZE plan costs $39 monthly or $34/ month annually.
  • The Jotform SILVER plan costs $49 monthly or $39/ month annually.
  • The Jotform GOLD plan costs $129 monthly or $99/ month.
  • The JotForm ENTERPRISE plan costs for number of users who use the form in your enterprise.

Is Jotform completely free?

Yes, Jotform is completely free to create 5 forms. The only limitation is the number of form submissions. With a paid plan, you have access to a larger set of form submissions and data entries, that could help you scale.
However, you can still get a lot of your operations successfully completed or tested, with a completely free plan.

Does Jotform cost money?

No, Jotform is completely free to create 5 forms. The only limitation is the number of form submissions. With a paid plan, you have access to a larger set of form submissions and data entries, that could help you scale.
Jotform has a total of 5 plans that differs with the number of forms and form submissions. The Jotform BRONZE plan costs $39 monthly or $34/ month annually. The Jotform SILVER plan costs $49 monthly or $34/ month annually.
The Jotform GOLD plan costs $129 monthly or $99/ month annually. The Jotform ENTERPRISE plan costs according to the number of users.

What's the Jotform price?

Jotform has a total of 5 plans that differs with the number of forms and form submissions. The Jotform FREE Plan is free.
The Jotform BRONZE plan costs $39 monthly or $34/ month annually. The Jotform SILVER plan costs $49 monthly or $34/ month annually. The Jotform GOLD plan costs $129 monthly or $99/ month.
The Jotform ENTERPRISE plan costs according to the number of users.

How Jotform works

Let's look at the complete step by step screenshots of how Jotform works:
You can log in to your Jotform account and look at the Jotform Dashboard.
A list of all active forms is displayed on the right.
Click Edit Form to edit any form questionnaire.
notion image
Click More to perform any operation on any of the forms individually.
notion image

Creating a Form

Click Create Form to create a new form. You can select any of the following three options:
You can Import Form from an existing form, Use Template to choose from 10,000+ premade forms, or Start from Scratch to create a new form from the scratch.
notion image
You have a variety of pre-existing template forms to choose from. Let's select New Customer Registration form for this example.
notion image
You can edit and create your form from the Build section.
Click the icons on the right to edit, apply settings, or delete any form question
Click Add Form Element on the left to add new form elements and questions into your form.
notion image
From the Basic tab, you can add many basic form level details like Name, Phone Number, Address etc.
notion image
From the Payments tab, you can add any payment Gateway Provider as your form input question or with your form submission.
notion image
From the Widgets tab, you can embed any customized widget according to your needs, For example, you can help your visitors book a private zoom consultation call based on your business hours.
notion image

Adding Settings to the Form

After you have finished building your form, you can add some form settings.
Click Settings to navigate to the form setting page.

Form Settings

You can provide a Form Title and Form Status from the Form Settings menu.
notion image


Click Emails tab to send an autoresponder email to your form submissions, and set notifications about form submissions.
notion image


Click the Conditions tab to apply any conditional logic to emails based on your recipients' form answers.
notion image

Thank You Page

You can redirect your users to an editable Thank You page or any other link after form submission.
notion image


Click Integrations to perform any 3rd party business operations. For example, you can integrate your MailChimp or ConvertKit account to capture email leads.
notion image

Approval Flows

Click Approval to design an approval system for your form submissions for your organization.
notion image
You can also enable mobile notifications for your forms.
Once you have applied your settings, it is time to publish your form.

Form Publishing

Click Publish tab to publish your form.

Quick Share

In the Quick Share tab, you can quickly share your form link with users.
notion image


You can also embed your form o publish it through embed javascript code, source code, or an iFrame.
notion image

3rd Party Publishing

You can also publish your forms on 3rd party publishing platforms:
notion image


Form UI can be improved for non-coders. The forms have some specific UI designed, and does not appear as sleek as a 2022 web3 app should. My understanding is that it still appears from the early 2000's.
This is one area of improvement. However, you can manually write your CSS if you've got the resources. Otherwise, it's not a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts

Just buy a Jotform subscription if you are running any operation online!

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Qayyum Rajan
Qayyum Rajan

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