How to grow your SaaS with TikTok? (2023)

How to grow your SaaS with TikTok? (2023)

We curated the best tips, thoughts, and suggestions from experts on how to grow your SaaS and audience with TikTok.
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.

How big is TikTok for SaaS?

It has:
  • Has 1B active users
  • Has been installed on over 3B devices
  • Only 1/4 of their users are between 10-19
  • 1/3 of TikTok users have an average income of 100k+
  • TikTok has the highest engagement rates of any social media app
She never thought it was possible to be spending $500K+ a month on any other social channels than Facebook and Google (sorry Pin & Snap). TikTok has quickly become the best channel right behind FaceBbook/Google for many brands. The barrier to entry on TikTok is LOW.

How to grow your SaaS with TikTok?

Have a Simplified structure

No surprise here, the best audiences on TikTok are broad interest audiences and lookalikes. No media buying hacks are necessary. All you need is a simplified account structure and most importantly:
  1. A really great product
  1. Really great ads

Identification and Execution

It has never been EASIER to get good ad inspiration for TikTok ads. TikTok's top ad library is a gold mine. You don't have to be a marketing genius to recognize what sets apart the good ads from the bad ads. The hardest part is always the execution.
As a paid social consultant, the most valuable thing Savannah does is to help brands with their creative strategy and execution on TikTok. The great thing is that ads that work on TikTok also work great on Facebook (but not the other way around).


While having a good ad account structure on TikTok is important, really the most important thing is to have a heavy stream of new creatives to test each week. Creatives on TikTok fatigue fast! Way faster than FB.


Testing different video hooks is incredibly important on TikTok. Just slightly changing the opening scene can have a huge impact on performance.
Here's an example of an ad: Link to the video - V1 is testing the opener of ripping the laundry detergent sheet
Just a simple change of the first 3 seconds can massively impact the ad's performance. Keep a regular check on your content.

The old way of building a brand is dying quicker & quicker as the days go by. Old way: Build a Shopify store & launch some Facebook ads.
Not saying FB doesn't work... but what if I told you there was a faster, and IMO more reliable way?
You'll need 2 things:
  • TikTok Ad Account
  • TikTok Brand Profile
This is what will allow you to get your brand in front of thousands of eyeballs faster than anything else.
Below is a look at what $50 can get you. Now lets dive into how to make your ads actually convert:
notion image


The creatives you use are what is going to determine your success. Here's what you can't miss:
  • Attention Grab ( 1st sec)
  • Benefit Display
  • Native Content
Your ad should appear as a normal TikTok that just so happens to conveniently have a link to the product. How should you get this content?
Order a few samples of your product and:
  • Shoot content with phone
  • Give to friends and help create content
  • Use Billo
Just find ways. Its a 15-30 sec video with plenty of examples out there for inspiration.

Your Structure

Now that you have your creatives, its time to build your campaigns. Here is the structure we follow to test two campaigns:
  • 1 Broad
  • 1 Interest Based (3 ad groups)
  • 5-10 DIFFERENT Ad Creatives
  • Optimize for ATC
Test the 2 separate campaigns to see what structure is working best for your brand. We optimize for ATC in the beginning because TikTok struggles to spend budget optimizing for purchase in the beginning.
Once you have ad groups that are performing well:
  • Duplicate into new campaign optimizing for purchase.
  • Let run for 2-3 days
  • Scale winners by 20% & funnel into light LAL testing.
The ad structure goes account by account, discover what works best for you.

Landing Page

You can have the best ads in the world but if your website is broken or not set up to convert, it doesn't matter. After reading this thread come back & learn about building a high converting landing page.

Your Brands Face

First, you need somebody to post 2-3 times per day creating content around your brand. If you're comfortable on screen, great.
Otherwise ask a friend or a family member who is down to create some content.

Video Content

Order a few of your products, go to TikTok, search for brands that you personally know, and see what kind of content they post.
Take as inspiration & recreate.
  • Capitalize on trends
  • Show behind the scenes
  • Connect with your engagers

Stay Consistent

TikTok loves consistency. Post 2-3 high quality videos per day and use the analytics tool to see when your followers are most active and start posting at these times.
Just like any other thing, it takes a little time but you can go viral at anytime.

Test and Utilize

The best part about organic TikTok is that you can use it as a testing ground for ad creatives. If a post gets 1,000 views & 0 likes.
Probably don't test. If a post gets 100,000 views & 10,000 likes Give it a go with some $$ behind it.

Here are 12 TikTok Accounts to seek inspiration for your SaaS growth:

Zain Kahn predicts TikTok is going to be bigger than FB and Google for marketers.
He shares a list of the 12 best accounts to level up your TikTok game ASAP:

1. How to work with TikTok creators.

Learn: how to work with TikTok creators
Top-performing Tik Tok ad styles to test:
  • Testimonial
  • Unboxing
  • Daily routine
  • How I use/style my [product]
  • Reaction
  • Green screen ratings
  • Split-screen (one side is static image and the other is a practical demo)

2. TikTok ad strategies

Learn: TikTok ad strategies
Current TikTok targeting trends that we're seeing
  • Broad working consistently well across all accounts
  • Hashtag targeting working well at ~10M audience size (niche products)
  • Interests hit and miss, usually better just going broad
  • Value optimisation
  • Lookalikes

3. What works on TikTok ads

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notion image

4. Winning TikTok case studies

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10 stores/brands doing $100,000+ with Tiktok organic
Want to kill it with Tiktok organic study these

5. TikTok ad creative and performance management

Learn: TikTok ad creative and performance management
How to only see ads on your TikTok feed:
Go to settings -> ads -> ad experience specialist.
Now you will only see ads when you scroll through! Perfect for getting ad inspiration and spying on what other brands are doing.

6. TikTok influencer marketing

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How to Set Up & Run TikTok Spark Ads via Influencers
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7. How to find quality TikTok creators

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8. How to grow on TikTok

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TikTok is pilot launching a new product called ‘TikTok Creative Exchange’. It’s a platform that enables scalable video production & larger volumes of ad creatives that perform well. You’ll be able to access creative partners & concept creation/video production support

9. TikTok success case studies

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10. How to create TikTok spark ads

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11. How to build a TikTok audience organically

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12. TikTok ad insights

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99% of you CAN and SHOULD make money on Tik Tok. Its user base is expanding rapidly, and almost every single audience is on TikTok (yes even high AOV & older people)