How to Write Google Ad Headlines that Prints you Money (2024)

We discuss how to create Google Ad Headlines with Google Ad Experts and SaaS Founders.

How to Write Google Ad Headlines that Prints you Money (2024)
Winning your Google Ad Headlines means winning your Google Ads campaigns. We curated a full expert guide to nailing your Google Ad Headlines that have worked and made huge money from experts. Let’s GO!
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.

Your Google Ad Headlines are the key to ensuring a high ROI with Google Ads

George says there are only 5 things you need to ensure to make >$10k+ ROI with Google Ads:
  1. Write a headline to grab attention & copy with an offer to ‘close’ the click
  1. Use Responsive Search Ads for a higher CTR %
  1. Increase quality score by improving dwell time & CTR
  1. Consume Coffee

How to create your Google Ad Headlines Structure?

Since George Clement urges you to focus on your Google Ad Headlines, here’s how he would go about creating a Google Ad Headlines structure:
The components of a good headline are:
  • a unique angle
  • an irresistible offer
Let's use the example of men's gym wear:
Your angle: Instead of a headline that simply says “buy men’s gym wear”, you can add an angle like:
“Men’s gym wear on sale.”
Angles cater your product to the inclination of your target market.
Some angles you can use:
→ Sales → Bespoke → Luxury → Free delivery
Your offer: You must make your offer irresistible to maintain their attention.
Use bonuses that will support your angle...
"45% of almost all men's gymwear"
Offer: → A sale → A free trial → A seasonal deal.
Use positive words and phrases such as "improve," "gain," "benefit from," and "results."
All of these offers work well.
Always test to see what is working for you.

10 Copywriting Elements of Google Ad Headlines

Now that you understand how important a Google Ad Headline is to your campaigns, Jackson shares 10 basics that every Google Ad headline should have to ensure it gets clicked!

1. Include a keyword

If someone is searching for “women’s sunglasses”, using that phrase signals that you sell exactly what they want.

2. Highlight the Main Benefit

Even if your product delivers 10+ benefits, I bet one of them is more powerful than the rest. Lead your pitch with that.

3. Ask a Question

People are instinctively drawn to questions because our brain wants to answer them. Put a relevant question in your headline, and people should click.

4. Use a Specific Number

People respond well to specific metrics because they build trust. If you sell marketing services, you could lead with the name of your service, then continue with something like “lifetime 9.01 ROAS”.

5. Overcome Objections

I bet there’s one thing that stops a big portion of your audience from buying. Address that in your headline.
To make your ad relevant, ensure you use keywords that your audience are searching for, input the keywords in your headlines and always direct your audience to landing pages with the same keywords and offers. ~ Google Ads Girl

6. Mention your Guarantee

Product sellers often have refund guarantees, and service sellers often have results guarantees. Most reduce risk and increase trust, so try highlighting yours in your headline.

7. Highlight a first customer deal

Some stores offer 10% off or something similar to new customers. If you do, and you’re advertising to first-timers only, mention that deal in your headline.

8. Be Funny

Though it can be difficult to make someone laugh in just a few words, if you can, give it a try. Humor can be a highly effective differentiator.

9. Highlight your USP

A good offer might sell well. A good and unique offer will probably sell like crazy. Whatever makes yours unique, highlight that in your headline.

10. Test. test Again, Test Some More.

These are all good ideas, but you never know what’s gonna work until you try it. So, write out variations of each of these, then test them until the best few strategies reveal themselves. After that, it gets a lot easier.

7 Tips to Improve your Google Ad Headlines

1. Add Country in the Google Ad Headline

Andy says adding the country to your headline can give you outstanding results!
“We created 26 Google Ads campaigns for a client - one for every county here in Ireland.
We've just loaded another 14 ad groups into each campaign (so 364 in total).
Ads will have the county name in the headline and this should improve our CTR as competitors aren't doing this.”

2. Read your copy before you hit publish

Kristen asks you to read your Google Ad Headline copy before you hit publish:
“This can work even for Google Ad copy. Read it out loud before posting. Does it flow? Especially the description section. Also, with RSA's remember they can always mix any 3 of your 15 headlines with any 2 of your description lines.”

3. Add as many Google Ad headlines and descriptions as possible

Farcas says “always add as many headlines and descriptions as possible when starting a new campaign.”

4. Do not pin your Google Ad Headlines unnecessarily

Kenny says it’s unnecessary to pin your Google Ad Headlines
“Do not pin your Headlines or Descriptions unnecessarily. It's damaging Ad Performance by exponentially reducing the possible Ad Variations.”

5. Mirror the User’s Objective.

Ishan says this is one of the mostbeffective Google Ads headlines strategy he applies:
“Put yourself in your user’s shoes and put their goal in your Ad copy. The 1st headline should reflect what user is trying to do. The 2nd headline should have benefits of choosing you. Help prospects visualize solving their problem by using your business.”

6. Always lead your Google Ads Headline with Value

Ian says your value starts with your headlines. Make sure it’s worth clicking.
“Make use of your headlines. A good one entices more clicks. Which of these would you rather click on?”
Google Ad Headlines that lead with value.
Google Ad Headlines that lead with value.

7. Fight (Do not) with your Competitors

Philip asks you to beware: - Google Ad headlines can turn into a war with your competitors
Google Ad Headlines Competitor wars
Google Ad Headlines Competitor wars

How to come up with your Google Ad Headlines Copy?

If you still are not able to come up with a compelling copy, Toby shares 4 ways to write your Google Ad Headlines copy:
Most brands suck at coming up with compelling copy for their ads
So they write generic ads that don't resonate with their audience and they flop...
By addressing your customer's objections in your ads, you take the guesswork out of copywriting.

Option 1: Acknowledge the objection

Always acknowledge the objection in the ad.
This shows that you're aware of what your audience is saying and that you're not trying to hide anything. It creates a sense of trust.
Example ad headline: "Yes, our [product] is expensive. Here's why."

Option 2: Explain the reasoning behind the price

Once you've acknowledged the objection, talk about the quality, durability, etc. of your product.
Example ad headline: "Our [product] is expensive because they’re handmade in XYZ"
An example of how a brand explains the price of their product.
An example of how a brand explains the price of their product.

Option 3: Offer a solution

If you can offer a solution to the objection, that's even better.
For example, if your product is more expensive than the competition but lasts longer, you can mention that in your ad.

Option 4: Use a testimonial

If you have a testimonial from a satisfied customer, show that other people have been happy with the product, despite the higher price.
Example ad headline: "I was hesitant at first because of the price, but the quality is incredible & it’s worth it!"
By addressing the objection head-on, you can show that you're aware of what people are saying and that you have a solution.
This makes your ad more effective and helps to increase sales. Plus, it will build trust with your potential customers.

How to write your Google Ad Headlines with Descriptions

George says, a Google Ad Headline is not enough - you need to write a compelling description and also provide a CTA:
The description sits under the headline and is the meat and potatoes of the copy.
The description must:
  • Communicate the unique selling point
  • Address pain points
  • Have a CTA
Let's use this example for 'dog training'

Focus on the unique selling point. (USP)

Why should users choose your product or service over competitors?
The example promises high-quality, welfare-friendly dog training which will help you understand your dog better.

Stress on the Pain points.

These are the problems that customers are looking to solve with your product or service.
Know the pain points, and you can package your product or service as the solution.
Pain Points can be grouped into four categories:
  • Financial
  • Productivity
  • Process
  • Support
Make sure you target these to show you know and understand your customer's needs.
In our example, they mention 'common behavioral issues.'
Poor dog behaviour is an obvious pain point for many dog owners and they would be looking for someone to help them with this.

Have a high-converting Call to Action (CTA)

We run ads because we want users to take action
Use a call to action that frames what the customer should be expecting.
This will weed out people who aren't interested in what they will be receiving when they click.
This helps save on ad spending...
Some common CTA’s:
  • Place your order
  • Get a quote
  • Call us now
  • Learn more
  • Shop now
  • Book now
  • Buy today
  • Sign up
It’s important to test the different psychological approaches to ad copy to know which performs best with your target audience.
Start with targeting the USP, and the pain points.

7 Ways to Make your Google Ad Headlines Clickable

Jackson says your ads need to differentiate from your competitors to help your campaigns win:
Google Ads are powerful, but they’re competitive. You have to beat other brands advertising AND organic results. It’s tough, but I’ve generated millions of $$$ doing it.
Here are 7 ways to make your ads more clickable than the competition’s:

1. Craft A Better Offer

Most companies’ offers are boring.
They’re basically just "pay X dollars to get Y product".
Add things like bulk discounts and refund guarantees to yours, and more people will click.

2. Take Better Photos

This doesn’t apply to search ads, but it’s crucial for shopping, performance max, and more.
Humans are visual creatures, and that’s especially true when shopping for physical products.
Invest in getting the best possible photos.

3. Improve Your Copywriting

This is a big topic, but the short version is…
  • Research your audience
  • Come up with killer angles
  • Come up with killer hooks
  • Focus on pains and benefits
  • Finish with a specific call to action

4. Use Ad Extensions

There are tons of extensions you can use to increase clicks.
Reviews and website pages are my favorite, but I regularly use 11 of them.
Ads make Money, Split Testing makes Fortunes. Create variations of every ad with different audiences, angles, copy, product images and headlines. Have them compete for who gets to scale and who gets cut off. This is how you take your ad revenue from thousands to millions. ~ Jackson

5. Build A Better Website

Elements of a better website…
  • Faster page load speed
  • Easy-to-use customer support
  • Clear terms for shipping, refunds, etc
  • Copywriting
  • Visuals
The better your site is, the more Google will favor it over others.

6. Use Branded Terms

These are terms like your brand name and product names.
These show people exactly what they want to find, your quality score goes up, and that crosses over into other ads.
If people are searching for your branded terms already, use them in ads.

7. Update For Seasons & Events

If one ad has a generic year-round pitch and the other one has a pitch for a specific sale or season, people will gravitate toward the specific one.
Update your ad copy for season changes, sales you run, and events like The World Cup.

Enough of the theoretical advice? Let’s get practical and shares some examples!

5 Google Ad Headlines Examples with Descriptions for SaaS Products That You can Copy!

Chris shares some real-world examples of Google Ad Headlines that he would create for various SaaS projects. Note that all of them were generated with AI:

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