When is the best time to send emails for your SaaS?

We discuss when you can send emails and newsletters for your SaaS with insights from email marketing experts and SaaS founders.

When is the best time to send emails for your SaaS?
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When it comes to email marketing, there’s no shortage of generic tips such as the best time to send an email. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to email timing.It depends entirely on your list and could be the often stated Tuesday at 10 a.m. or Sunday at 3 p.m.
I like how every study on the best time to send an email says a different thing. You have to send it on Tuesday! No on Friday! At 10am! No at 8pm! I tested everything except weekends and my open rate was basically always the same. Andrea Bosoni

Make the customer the hero

When writing marketing copy, many people forget how to talk and write like a human. Write in a conversational tone and put your customers front and center. Feature your customers in your emails either through write-ups or curating content they wrote.

Obsess over your subject line and preview text

What’s the point of writing an email if no one opens it? The key to getting your email opened and read lies in writing a compelling subject line and preview text. It should be snappy and interesting without looking like a clickbait.

Add alt-text to any images

Sometimes people choose to view emails in plain text or in a place with bad network reception. Images won't load at all or very slow. Always include a quick text description in the image alt-text field, it’s best to use images sparingly in emails.

Make your email personal

The more your email looks, feels, and reads like it was sent from an actual person instead of from a company, the more likely it will be opened and read. This is why emails sent by an actual person perform so much better (open rates) than fancy HTML ones.

FOMO sells

If you want people to do something, add a sense of urgency or fear of missing out (FOMO) to your messaging. It works extremely well. Just don’t use fake urgency tactics because that’s a guaranteed way to lose trust with your subscribers.
For example, if you tell all of your subscribers that you’re closing sales or that have 50 copies left, don't message them saying that the sale is back on or you have 50 more copies to go. You’re telling subscribers that your deadlines are artificial and don’t matter.
Email Marketing 101: Start using Smart Send when launching any email campaign. This means, the emails will be sent as per user's time-zone. Just by doing this alone - You can improve your open rate by up to 30-50% from your existing open rate.
And if you're even more particular about email send times, you can check the wonderful tool email time optimizer.

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