5 types of email campaigns you can send for your SaaS

Read a curated list of email campaigns with examples for your SaaS from email marketing experts and SaaS Founders.

5 types of email campaigns you can send for your SaaS
We curated the 5 types of email campaigns you can send for your SaaS from experts. Let’s GO!
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Updated on: 04/04/2022

What is a campaign?

These are ONE TIME emails we send to a specific list or segment, giving them fresh content that interests them like:
  • A new product
  • A seasonal promotion
  • A one-time promo
Objective: Maximize revenue while minimizing churn.

How do you use a campaign?

We monitor our metrics. Best way is to start with 1 campaign/week and scale up
  • Positive metrics (Maximize these) > Open rates > Click through rates > Conversion rates > Revenue
  • Negative metrics (Minimize these) > Spam > Bounce > Unsubscribes > Customer complaints
How to implement?
You want to use a campaign calendar. Amateurs don't plan (or don't even send them lol). Professionals (like the 7 figure brands our agency manage) plan out campaigns. Rule of thumb: Plan out campaigns at least 30 days in advance.

The referral email

  • Turn your existing customers into brand evangelists.
  • Incentivize your customers to tell their friends and family about your brand.
  • Previous buyers who have been engaged with your content.

Subject line ideas:

  1. Here,It’s for you
  1. Sharing is Caring
  1. Let us pay you for this

Preview text ideas

  1. Send a friend $20 and get $20 off your order.
  1. Announcing a better way to share [Brand name].
  1. Sharing [Brand name]
notion image
notion image

Summer time

  • It's summer time so send a related email to play to the relevance of the season.
  • Depending on the angle you take (conversion vs. content/education) will dictate the segment you should send to.
  1. If campaign is conversion focused,send to your engaged list (exc recent buyers).
  1. If campaign more content/education focused, send to engaged list (inc recent buyers)

Subject line ideas

  1. Going on an Adventure?
  1. Upgrade Your Summer Style.
  1. Your Summer Staples.

Preview text ideas

1. Check out our Summer lineup.
  1. Summer is full of surprises.
  1. Raise Your Summer Standards
Example -
notion image
notion image

Last Chance to Buy Email

  • Get rid of old inventory.
  • Send your engaged list (exc. recent buyers). Also consider looping in past buyers that might be slightly outside your typical engaged segment.

Subject line ideas

  1. Up to 40% off retiring styles
  1. Going, going, almost gone
  1. It's now or never

Preview Text Ideas

  1. These items are disappearing...
  1. Last chance! Getem before they're gone!
  1. While they last... Examples-
notion image

Free product with purchase

  1. Conversion focused. You're sweetening the pot to get the reader to buy.
  1. Works well for turning subscribers to 1st time buyers.
  1. Works well for turning a one-time buyer into a repeat customer.
  • Engaged subscriber list (exc. recent buyers).
  • Recent buyer = Anyone who bought in last 7-14 days

Subject line ideas

  • Your Favorite [ITEM NAME] is now FREE!
  • Score your FREE [ITEM NAME]

Preview Text Ideas

  • Don't Miss Out On A FREE [ITEM NAME]!
> [ITEM NAME] is free with purchase from now until we sell out! > Don't wait - these will go fast! Examples (see images)
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notion image

Brand birthday email

  • Build brand affinity and celebrate a company milestone. Great chance to share more of your brand story. Drive revenue with a discount code so subscribers can celebrate and support your brand
  • Engaged list

Subject Line Ideas

  1. BIRTHDAY SALE - A gift for you, from us!
  1. [INSERT OFFER] to celebrate our birthday
  1. Happy Birthday to us!

Preview Text Ideas

  1. It's our birthday and we want to give you a gift!
  1. Yes, you read right. We're hooking you up for our birthday.
  1. Let's get this party started!
Examples attached
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