3 Google Ads Case Studies for SaaS to get 6 figure $

3 Google Ads Case Studies for SaaS to get 6 figure $

We have curated three Google Ads case studies for SaaS from experts that touched 6-figures!
Note: SaaSwrites is a curated growth marketing hub and resource built to help SaaS founders grow their products. We sincerely thank all our experts for their constant value addition to this world.
Updated on: 06/09/2022

Case Study 1: Helping a SaaS make $104,000 in 5 days with Google Ads

Collin Schmelebeck shares how he made a SaaS client $104,000 in 5 days with only $1,900 ad spend.
Collin shares his 6 figure SaaS earnings through Google Ads
Collin shares his 6 figure SaaS earnings through Google Ads
I took over this account in mid-Feb
but due to complex business structure...
I wasn't able to fully lock in my campaigns until about 2 weeks ago
this company was vastly overspending on keywords & irrelevant search terms
here is how I fixed it:

Complete Account Audit

  • business offers and competitor analysis
  • google property overhauls (Analytics/Tag/Ads)

Created Accurate Offline Conversion Tracking

With HubSpot, we were able to track the 6+ month sales funnel properly.
Then we attribute it directly to our campaigns
  • poor planning leads to poor performance...this was the case here
  • too many campaigns going after too many offers
  • simplified the account from 15 campaigns to 3
  • updated the ad copy to reflect keyword themes
  • added 1000+ negative keywords w/ lists
  • removed unprofitable keywords over the last 90-180 days (cross-referenced with attribution)

Strategy Moving Forward

  • bid very aggressively (CPCs $100-200) to get more demos in the door
  • then allow their sales team to close deals

Case Study 2: How to grow a Twitter Scheduling SaaS Tool with Google Ads

Collin shares what we would do to grow TweetHunter with Google Ads:
If I were running Google Ads for @TweetHunterIO
This is how I would grow them to be the largest tweet scheduling platform that exists.

What's our goal?

Increase MRR to $100k/mo while becoming the most trusted tweet scheduler on the planet
How are they different?
Positioning & Performance
Tweet Hunter = growing your audience as fast as possible
  • so you can accomplish our goal (clients/network/etc)

What’s the ad spend

Let's say for the fun of it we have $20k/mo in ad spend
We need to allocate a portion of the budget for
  • growth (75%): getting new trialers
  • asset protection (5-10%): brand positioning
  • LTV Enhancement (20-25%): prospect follow-up
let's break this down:

Primary focus on growth

Can't get to $100k MRR if you don't grow subs (duh)
So we need to focus a majority of our spending on cold traffic
How do we convert tho?
1. Killer Positioning (already done)
2. Targeting & Relevance
3. Social Praise

Growth Campaigns Strategy

  1. Search | Awareness Level
    1. top of funnel research queries
  1. Search | Intent Level
    1. bottom of funnel commercial queries
  1. Discovery/Display | Audience
    1. in-market or similar to customers
  1. Search/Display | Competitor
    1. low hanging fruit

Asset Protection Strategy

Once other players in the space catch on to the disruptive force that is @TweetHunterIO
They're going to start coming after the brand name and customers
let them
So what do we do?
  1. Search Brand
    1. focus on USP
    2. maintain product quality and messaging
other players catching up with your Google ads campaign
other players catching up with your Google ads campaign

LTV Enhancement Strategy

Once we nail our targeting, free trials are going to be coming out the ass
naturally not everyone is gonna convert
some will never
a lot can be CONVINCED to come back as a paying sub
  • For example
    • they forget
    • competitor trial
    • how with Google?

Mixed retargeting campaigns

Combine general & detailed retargeting
1. YouTube (Gen)
  • all users (sales journey defines time length)
2. RSA x RLSA (Gen)
  • be there when they're interested
3. Display/Discovery (Targ)
  • keep messaging ONLY to each specific audience
notion image

Why will this work?

Because of high AOV & LTV
Tweet Hunter starts at $29/mo and goes to $49/mo
They have a good amount of spend to acquire new customers (potentially even breakeven 1st month)

Case Study 3: Google Ads campaign to scale a SaaS with 8.0 Return on Ad Spend

Jackson Blackledge shares how his clients are getting 8.0+ ROAS right now.
That means for every $1,000 they put in, they’re getting $8,000 out.
The key is using Google Ads for targeted lead generation.
Here’s how you can do the same:
Before we get into it, I should explain some basics.
First, these clients get recurring revenue from their offers.
For agencies, that’s a service.
For SaaS companies, it’s a software tool.
The math for a lot of them is something like this:
Cost per lead = $300
Close rate on calls = 30%
Cost of service or SaaS = $2000/mo
The aerage length of subscription = 4 months
With relatively low costs and an 8.0+ ROAS, that’s a lot of profit.
This is the basic process…

Set Up A Sales Funnel

Your main website can work, but you probably want to set up a dedicated sales funnel.
This makes testing and optimizing way easier.
Choose a sales funnel software, write your copy, then build it.

Choose Your Keywords

Your keyword options are broad, modified broad, phrase match, and exact match.
Which one you choose (and the words you choose) will depend on your offer.
You can find them with Google's tool or with a 3rd-party option.

Choose Negative Keywords

This is one a lot of people miss.
You don’t want to just target keywords.
You also want to avoid negative keywords.
This improves the quality of your traffic by excluding people who aren’t in your target audience.

Brainstorm Angles

Things you should write down:
  • Who your ideal audience is
  • What they want most
  • What they don’t want most
  • Their age, location, and income
  • Why your offer works
  • The proof you have for it working
This will get you ready to write your ads.
Create Your Search Ads
You want your search ads to:
  • Be concise
  • Focus on benefits
  • Possibly highlight uniqueness
  • Possibly highlight a results guarantee
There are a lot of angles and audiences to choose from.
Create multiple versions to test and optimize.

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