How to select Google Ads Keywords?

How to select Google Ads Keywords?

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Updated on : 06/01/2022

What Keyword Match Type Is Preferred?

Situation #1: Search is Identical to a Keyword Type

  1. Exact Match
  1. Phrase Match
  1. Broad Match
but what about when searches aren't identical?

Situation #2: Search is NOT Identical to a Keyword Type

Ad Rank x Relevance Signals = Keyword Selected
What are ad rank & relevance signals?
Let's define them before breaking down match type selection. Knowing this separates good PPC managers from great ones

Ad Rank

  • Bid amount
  • Ad quality
โ€”>eCTR/ad relevance/lp experience
  • Competitiveness of auction
  • Context of search
  • Location
  • Device
  • Time of day
  • Nature of query
  • Extensions
  • Threshold โ€”>Reserve price
This is why manual bidding can be hard.

Relevance Signals

  • Meaning of the search term
  • Meaning of all keywords in an Ad group
  • Landing pages within an Ad group
Google admitted:
  1. All keywords in an ad group will be used in an auction.
  1. Landing pages are scanned for search relevancy.
Breakdown how keywords are selected now for a search WITHOUT identical keyword <> search query.

Eligible Keywords: 1+ Broad Match

  • Only relevant keyword(s) from the most relevant ad group will be considered.
  • Ad rank will be used to decide which keyword is selected.
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Eligible Keywords: 1 Broad + 1 Phrase/Exact

  • If exact/phrase match keywords are deemed more relevant = they will be selected.
  • If exact/phrase match keywords are deemed similar/less relevant = comes down to ad rank for each keyword.
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Best Practices

  • Group keywords into relevant themes (Ad groups).
  • If using broad match keywords : โ€”> test bidding changes to tCPA if manual.