17 Tips to grow your SaaS through LinkedIn

17 Tips to grow your SaaS through LinkedIn

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Updated: 05/04/2022

LinkedIn is still super underrated for building your personal brand.
  • 45,232,344 post impressions
  • Too many friends to count.
He shares his learnings from his experience to use LinkedIn to its full potential.

1. Consistency beats brilliance

If you post every day, you start becoming top of mind and top of people's feeds.
And you build the muscle of writing content.

2. Reverse engineer what the best do.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Just innovate on it.
  • Bookmark 10 big content creators in your niche
  • Study their posts and activity
  • Read the comments on their posts

3. Comments are content

LinkedIn is like a big networking party. You can't be the only one creating conversations. Join other conversations.

4. Pick a niche

Go deep on a subject. Justin Welsh is a great example of this. He goes deep on what it takes to become a solopreneur and building online.

5. Make a catchy profile headline

Once someone likes your post. They decide if they want to follow you or not. Your headline needs will tell them what you are all about.
Put keywords like "Demand Generation" or "Marketing Strategy". Add a fun fact like "Cold Brew Lover"

6. Write like you are talking to a friend over coffee or a cocktail

The goal is to be understood. Not to be the smartest person in the room.

7. Connect with active people who have liked similar content

Connect with 20 people a day that are active.
Active is important because they will come back and like your content.

8. Actively listening

  • read comments
  • read comments on other people in your niche posts
  • read DMs
This will help you write content for what people actually want to hear.

9. Comment back to people

LinkedIn is a conversation. Not a speech.
If someone is taking the time to comment on your post, respond to them.

10. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

Even if you hate LinkedIn, just repurpose your tweet on there.
You missing out on a huge opportunity if you don't.

Austin Belcak shares that a great LinkedIn headline can 10x your results.
But 99% of people’s headlines suck.
Here’s his 7 step formula for turning your headline into an opportunity-generating machine:

11. Have a different Headline

Everyone's Headline Is The Same. Don't believe me? Run a search for any job title on LinkedIn. Everyone's headline on the results page will be some version of: [Job Title] at [Company]
With that headline, you're only competing on brand equity.
Multiple LinkedIn profiles showing the same headline template on LinkedIn search.
Multiple LinkedIn profiles showing the same headline template on LinkedIn search.

12. Add industry and value to your Headline

Great Headlines Have 2 Things
I've reviewed thousands of LinkedIn profiles.
My data shows that the most effective headlines include:
  1. Relevant industry keywords
  1. A unique value proposition
I like to lead with keywords and end with the value prop. For example:
A Linkedin headline example with [industry keyword] + [value proposition]
A Linkedin headline example with [industry keyword] + [value proposition]

13. Add the right keywords

Start With The Right Keywords. Here's how:
1. Find 20+ job descriptions for target roles
2. Copy all 20 of them and paste them into http://ResyMatch.io's job description scanner
3. Run the scan and save the top 5-10 keywords
These are the ones you want in your headline.
Finding the right keywords using the ResyMatch tool.
Finding the right keywords using the ResyMatch tool.

14. Find your unique value

Start by asking yourself 3 questions:
  1. How have I helped the companies I've worked for?
  1. What results have my work driven for them?
  1. How is my approach different from others?
Build that all into a single sentence starting with, "I Help..."

15. Don’t get your value wrong

Examples of Unique Value.
  • SaaS Marketing Manager Becomes I help SaaS startups add 25k users in 12 months without ads
  • Data Scientist Becomes I use big data to help hospitals reduce readmission rates by 17.5% across 2.5M patients

16. Turn qualitative results to quantitative results

What If you’re not In a numbers-focused role?
Every role has quantifiable value!
Instead of dollars, consider:
  • Scope (Budget, # Users, etc)
  • Efficiency / Productivity
  • Time (how long something took)
  • Comparison
  • Asking other teams about the impact your work made

17. Use this formula to craft your LinkedIn Headline

Creating Your Headline
Now you have your keywords and your unique value prop.
Drop them into this LinkedIn headline formula:
[Job Title] | [Keyword 1], [Keyword 2], [Keyword 3] | [Unique Value Prop]
I recommend coming up with 3-5 different versions before choosing one.