Grow your SaaS with Community

Grow your SaaS with Community

Know if building a community is good for your SaaS.
Want to know if building a community is the right choice to grow your SaaS? This e-book is right for you.
Note: This e-book is in English, apologies to my non-English native friends, the contents inside the eBook are still easy to read and digest though!
Whether you are shipping a side project, building a startup, working on a SaaS product, launching a course, creating a collection of NFTs, betting on the future in web3, or doing anything on the Internet you can't escape community building. Perks of forming a community is where you can find a tribe full of people who root for you to win. Their support is priceless, and it feels like an army backing up.
The end goal of this e-book is to give you an overview of how community building can help you with your SaaS. This e-book does not teach you the details to create a community but talks about whether community building is a good choice for your SaaS marketing growth.
What, Exactly, Does This eBook Teach?
  • What is a community and why does your SaaS need to build a community?
  • How can a community help your SaaS?
  • How to get started with community building?

Who Is This eBook For?

  • SaaS founders, looking to build authority and scale their SaaS product with a close-knit community
  • Marketers, looking to level up their community game for SaaS
  • Community Managers and Specialists, looking to get insights into SaaS community building
  • Beginner community managers, looking to learn how community building works
  • Digital product creators, looking to improve their product sales and conversions

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