How Reddit can help you with SaaS Market Research?

How Reddit can help you with SaaS Market Research?

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Updated: 05/02/2022

Why is Reddit important to for your SaaS market research?

Reddit is a huge and underrated platform with people looking for real-life solutions. It’s a community-based forum platform where Redditors help each other under common interests (subreddits).
It blows my mind when people undervalue Reddit. Massive niche communities have literally self-assembled into named categories and aggregated content from all over the internet FOR YEARS. And it’s still an afterthought when professionals talk about market research. ~ Eddie
With you solving a genuine problem with your SaaS, you would surely have a target market present on this platform.
Reddit has 430 Million monthly active users worldwide. That gives a lot of conversion chances. It is a social media platform that mainly focuses on creating clusters of content through its users. A user-centered platform, in the sense that the users post content that gets upvotes or downvotes. The content that gets upvoted most rises to the top. There is a concept of subreddit - content clusters of specific interests, likes, and dislikes, the users can participate in any community. This gives an opportunity to create a niche, that could prove helpful for audience-building purposes. ~ Jeff Bullas
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How Reddit can help you with SaaS Market Research?

Reddit is one of the best market research tools for one reason: It’s anonymous. So people say what they REALLY think and feel. Some real gold in there. Find it and use it. ~ George Ten

Reddit can help you understand your SaaS market's language

Imagine trying to market to German speakers using English. Wont work right?
Same thing with copy, you need to understand HOW your audience speaks. Every audience has words, sayings, and abbreviations that are unique.
Learn them.
Market research hack: Go through Reddit, Facebook groups, and Twitter for customer avatars. Interact with them, and see how they use the words around the problems your product can solve. Add them to your copy. Psychological keywords hammering. ~ Aditya Gohil

Reddit can help you identify your SaaS buyer persona

People on Reddit tend to talk a little more about their life. Scroll for a bit and you'll start seeing:
  • Your audience demographics (age, gender, location etc.),
  • What are their dreams/goals?
  • What are their problems?
Personally, I love Reddit when doing keyword research. It really helps me to find out what people are talking about in different niches. To get a feel for their problems, and what kind of content they're looking for. Do you have any favorite places to do keyword research? ~ Carolina Posma
  • Real simple, people go on here to complain (like most Social Media platforms).
  • Just listen and read.
  • Makes your job so much easier.
Market research hack: Never ever-ever do your research on platforms where people "present" themselves. Twitter, Facebook (who uses that anyway?), Instagram, and TikTok are places where people play pretend. Reddit, Forums, and Amazon Reviews are where you'll find gold. ~ Koeguel | Utopian

5 steps to use the Reddit platform to initiate your SaaS research:

This is how:
  • Create a very informative article with a link to your product/blog
  • Identify subreddits where your clients are
  • Post it to small subreddits
  • Answer all the comments
  • If you get upvotes, post it to big communities.

3 Pro-tips on doing market research on Reddit:

Reddit is honestly an underrated site for market research. Go to the subreddit(s) where your audience hangs out. Whip out some questions and write them down: • Terms they use • Inside jokes (if any) • Content you can reuse • What they don't like Identify your perfect customer using that info. ~ Luxconduct
Two ways to make market research easy: • Google “Reddit Fitness (or any niche)” and read the top engaging posts • Download the chrome extension “discussion button“ and it’ll popup more forums in your niche You’ll find an endless pool of problems, thoughts, and desires. ~ Ciaran Houlihan
Reddit is an insanely good place to do market research. But you need to go in knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s couple things you should know about your audience - What keeps them up at night - What’s the source of their pain - What gets them out of bed ~ Alex Ramos

5 Tips to use Reddit effectively for your SaaS Market Research

Téa Liarokapi on shares how to use reddit as an effective platform

1. Be a Redditor

Redditors are the fuel to Reddit culture that keep the communities and subreddits running. Know the lingo, and keep yourself updated. Actively comment on posts and keep engaging with the users to gel up in the communities and begin with subtle marketing, do not hit the road straight away.

2. Be Mindful of Your Content

Do not post, comment, or engage for the sake of it. Be mindful of your content, keep your individuality alive so that you can create a good image and the communities can trust you enough to begin engaging with you.
Yeah! It's very difficult to market yourself on Reddit. I'm using Reddit for idea validation and market research mostly. ~ Jim Raptis

3. Know the Different Types of Content

Explore and experiment with your content throughout and find what works more for you, keep it organic and authentic.
Don't get me wrong: Reddit is an unparalleled resource for market research, as it's filled with people with problems; talking about those problems, reinforcing those problems. But you MUST remember that's what they are; people with problems. Don't stare too long at the abyss, etc. ~ Jamie McSloy

4. Be Real

Be honest, don't play games and tricks with Redditors. They have experience and knowledge on when it is a marketing tactic and when it is real.

5. Be Respectful

Take your subreddit culture into account, post according to the rules, and be respectful.