Understanding the content terminology as a SaaS founder

Understanding the content terminology as a SaaS founder

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Updated on: 05/13/2022

Understanding the content terminology as a SaaS founder

There are numerous words associated with the content. People often use certain terms interchangeably (which is understandable, as the lines are somewhat blurry), but each is a bit different. As a SaaS founder, it is extremely important to understand what the different content terminologies mean.
Letโ€™s start!

1. Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy Is foundational.
It is your โ€œwhy.โ€
  • Why are you creating content?
  • Who are you helping?
  • How you will help people in a way no one else can with your content?
Brands use content marketing to build an audience, increase revenue and lower costs.
This is an Intentional marketing approach delivered through creating and distributing useful and relevant, CONTENTs to Attract, Educate, Entertain and Retain a clearly defined audience โ€” The ultimate goal is to make them take a profitable CTA. ~ Meg Digitals

2. Content strategy

This entails the creation, and management of useful, usable content.
CS often goes beyond the scope of a content marketing strategy, as it helps businesses manage all of the content they have on different platforms.
Meg Digitals shares that a content strategist does everything a content writer and content manager does. But much more...
Strategy is very important in the world of online communication.
The Content strategist is like a battle general, they create more than a content implementation plan that your content marketing strategy would fit into.

3. Content Plan

A content plan is very tactical, it documents the specifics of how you will execute the strategy youโ€™ve developed.
It also details who on your team will be handling each task. This is like a marketing plan, but for content.
Content Plan should include details such as the key topic areas you will cover, what content you will create, when and how to share your content, and specific calls to action you will include.

4. Content Writing

Content writing simply means writing for the web. A content writer can write blog Posts, web content, articles, explainer scripts, video scripts, etc.
A content writer can write for magazines, blogs, websites, Instagram, FaceBook Groups, Twitter, Wikipedia, Medium, Substack, Reddit, etc.

5. Content Management

It is an advanced level of a content writer and they are generally responsible for updating, tweaking, adjusting, editing, etc.
A Content Manager can work with E-commerce brands, course sites, magazines, and any business that constantly needs to update its web presence.

6. Content Developer

They are a version of multi-skilled Content writers. Apart from Writing, they have mastered other complementary skills which makes it easier for them to work beyond Writing.
Skills like web designing, PowerPoint slides designing, automation, and the likes.

7. Content designer

If you go online, you'll see different definitions for the content designer but they are all confusing and I see it differently.
A Content Designer is a graphics designer who knows how to crisply display Words in pictures...

8. Content curators

They are also called affiliate content creators. What they do is Research, Sift, Sort and Share what they consider to be the best content for their audience.
They are not the original creators, they are more like distributors.
Side Note: SaaSwrites is a mix of curated and created content.

9. Content Creatives

This title belongs to everyone and anyone involved in the content creation process. As long as you are an original contributor to online content, then you are creative and should start treating yourself like one.
Now that you know what each of these terms means and do, start working on your content marketing strategy!