Grow Your MRR with this 4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy! (2024)

We discuss how you can grow your SaaS with our 4-channel SaaS Marketing Strategy!

Grow Your MRR with this 4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy! (2024)
The BIGGEST mistake I see SaaS founders make is "Having a single source of marketing source".
For example, when people say I'm marketing my SaaS through Twitter, what they are essentially doing is building an inbound marketing channel.
But that's only 25% of your marketing. To build a comprehensive SaaS marketing plan, you need to cover all your bases.
Implement these four systems to create the highest ROI out of your marketing efforts:
  1. Product-led growth
  1. Outbound
  1. Inbound
  1. Retention
and...they ALL need to work together. In sync. That's when your marketing is powerful.
Let's look at each of them!
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy

Product-led growth system:

This goes beyond your core feature(s).
This is when your product has:
  1. smooth onboarding
  1. clear referral systems
  1. helpful docs
  1. the right info to make the right decisions (aka landing page(s)
This is your key to have a decent CRO.
Goal: To improve conversions through product
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: product-led systems
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: product-led systems

Outbound system:

Now, tell people about your SaaS.
Most important factor here: Shout at your ICP. and not to the world.
For example: If you sell your SaaS to Shopify store owners, you know you need to reach out to Shopify owners.
That simple.
Your outbound activities are not limited to sales.
Although sales is the most important aspect. You can use outbound to:
  1. do market research
  1. help you position your SaaS
  1. invite ICP for a podcast
Goal: To drive sales.
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: outbound systems
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: outbound systems

Inbound system:

Your customers should know who they buy from.
Most important factor here: Talk about your customer problems and pains. And give them solutions that are beyond your software.
The other big form of leverage: Content.
Content is the biggest factor of your inbound system. Talk in a way that resonates with your customers.
Here are some inbound activities you can perform:
  • Build weekly relationships with 52 LightSpeed and Shopify accounts through a podcast
  • Convert podcast content to blogs and social media
  • Reach out to Retail PR folks and share story
Goal: To improve brand awareness.
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: Inbound systems
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: Inbound systems

Retention system

Retention is GOLD for SaaS companies. It affects MRR that you make each month and finally decides the overall success of your SaaS.
When customers are happy, they stick around longer bringing more money. This leads to new customers coming from word of mouth.
On the flip side, if customers leave, you lose money and might struggle to grow.
And the thing is, it's usually more expensive to get new customers than keep the ones you have.
So, in short, retaining customers is key to a successful and profitable SaaS business.
Here are some activities you can do to strengthen your retention:
  • Collect Emails and Newsletters to send out weekly
  • Invite customer support interviews weekly
  • Provide exceptional customer support and monthly feedback emails
Goal: Improve retail customer loyalty.
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: Retention systems
4-Channel SaaS Marketing Strategy: Retention systems

In conclusion, you as a SaaS founder need to focus on all four types of marketing activities. Product-led growth, outbound, inbound, and retention. This will help you build a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Each of these activities plays a critical role in attracting, converting, and retaining customers, and ignoring any one of them could lead to missed opportunities and decreased growth.
By combining a product-led approach with targeted outbound and inbound efforts, and putting an emphasis on retention, you as a SaaS founder can create a well-rounded and effective marketing strategy that drives sustainable growth and long-term success.
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Qayyum Rajan
Qayyum Rajan

Qayyum (”Q”) is a serial builder with more than 5 startups to his name with 3 exits. He specializes in shipping products fast, and early with an focus on driving traffic across the marketing funnels