How to create better community engagement for SaaS

We discuss how you can create community engagement for your SaaS growth with insights from community experts and SaaS founders.

How to create better community engagement for SaaS
We curated the best methods to create better community engagement from experts.
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Updated on: 14/03/2022

How to create better community engagement

Early community engagement is almost never organic.
It's catalyzed by a dedicated community leader who is constantly performing favors and making asks of early members.
While organic engagement will eventually emerge, the behind-the-scenes work never really ends.
David Spink says Communities thrive when every member feels seen and valued. The Challenge: It's easy to make 10 people feel seen and valued. It's hard to make 1,000 people feel seen and valued.
Solution: Distribute control to leaders who can make other members feel seen and valued.

Have a clear mission

Our mission is simple: Help 1 million people transition to web3.

It's a lonely road early

I created a new community and grew it to 1,500 members in a week. Yet, 95% of the people who joined were lurkers. It felt like talking to an empty room. In hindsight, I should have grown the community slower with proper onboarding.

Make onboarding a priority

Onboarding is VERY important - nobody likes joining a Discord server with 20+ random channels. Community onboarding tips- 1. Show only a few channels to newbies (e.g., start-here, intros, how-to-help) 2. In how-to-help, explain how a new member can help if they have: →0-5 hours/week →5-9 hours →10+ hours
3. Focus on activating the few people who care, which leads to..

Find core contributors

Don't focus on how many members your community has. Focus on activating core contributors who care and can get shit done.

Find Competent people

If you find people who are competent AND care about the mission, do everything that you can to help them:
  • Use a gratitude channel
  • Amplify their tweets
  • Make them co-owners
Whether you're building a company or a DAO - talent matters.

Kindle small fires

A token won't magically help 1K+ people work together. Instead, a community should have many small, empowered teams. If you see a small team forming organically, stoke the fire.

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Qayyum Rajan
Qayyum Rajan

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